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Puri district

Puri is a land of temples, the best ancient and modern India, whose people share a strong sense of holiness, a sense of belonging with their beautiful land and their enduring links with the past. Puri being one of the coastal districts of Orissa named after the heritage city of same name famous for Lord Jagannath. The district has a variety of monuments spitamising the evaluation of art and architecture. Nature has its full beam in the district with unspeilt Sea-beach, lake , wildlife and hospitable people with traditional crafts. Besides getting experience with cultural and social lives of Orissa , Tourists may plan for leisure crusing, bird and Dolphin watching , sightseeing communing with nature.


Generally one can visit Puri at any of the year but best time is October to April.

How to reach

By Air

Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport - 60 km . Indian Airlines offers excellent connections to Bhubaneswar from Delhi, Calcutta, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.

By Train

A terminus on the S.E. Railway having fast and superfast train links with New Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati , Hyderabad , Thiruvanantapuram, Calcutta and Baidyanath Dham etc. Puri has good rail connections with Delhi , Calcutta, Tirupati, Okha and Ahmedabad.

By Road

60 km by State Highway from Bhubaneswar. One can also approach by road via Konark and then through the Marine Drive covering about 100 km. Traditional Fairs and Festivals It is said that 13 festivals are celebrated in calendar year relating to Lord Jagannath are :

Festival Month
Car Festival(Ratha Yatra) July
Chandan Yatra April
Gosani Yatra and Dasahara Sept./Oct.
Sahi Yatra for 7 days from Rama Navami March/April
Mahasiva Ratri Feb in all the Saiva Pithas
Magha mela at Konarak January
Boita Bandan at Konark Oct./Nov.
Harirajpur Melan at Harirajpur March
Jhamu Yatra at Kakatapur May
Dayana chori Ghorodia in Pipil Block
Aunla Navami Sakhigopal March
Makar Mela at Chilika Jan
Bali Harachandi Mela at Brahmagiri June
Anabasar Yatra Alaranath Pitha,Brhamagiri.
Siruli Mahavir Mela at Panasankranti- Siruli , Sadar Block
Other Festivals for Tourists
Konark festival Ist week of Dec
Organised by Deptt of Tourism - Govt of Orissa
Konark Music & Dance Festival February
Organised by Konark Natya Mandap
Basant Utshav February
Organised by Parampara Raghurajpur
Puri Beach Festival at Puri November
Organised by Hotel & Restaurant Association of Orissa Bhubaneswar
Sriksetra Mohoshav ,Puri April
Organised by Srikshetra Mahoshav committee
Gundicha Utshav at Puri June
Organised by Urreka,Puri
In all the festivals, Odissi dance and folk dances from different parts of the country are staged.
Puri District at a glance :
Geographical Area in hects 264988 Ha/3051 Sq. Km.
Saline area in hects 19480
Imigate Area in hects 105106
Forest Area in hects 18175
Latitude 19'28 N 26'35 N
Langititude 84'29 E 86'25 E
Min. 13'9 C.
Max. 37'C
Administrative Set-up
No. of Subdivision 1
No. of Tehsils 7
No of Blocks 11
No of G.Ps 230
No of NACS 3
No. of Municipality 1
No. of Revenue Villages 1714
No of J.A.O Circles 22
No. of V.A.W Circles 149
No of P.A.C.S 213
No. of Police Stations 17
Cultivated Area in hects 188745
High land 45653
Medium land 57654
Low land 85438
Paddy Area in hects 170658
High land 27966
Medium land 57254
Low land 85438
Water logged Area inhects 15192
Misc trees groves in hects 7524
Permanent pastures in hects 11328
Culturable waste in hects 8226
Land part to non-Agri use in hects 17259
Baren & uncultrurable waste in hects 8866
Major Crops
Kharif 178668 hects.
Rabi 151300 hects.
Total Live Stock Population
Bufalos 21905
Cows 434321
Sheeps 85853
Goats 94797
Pigs 1147
No. of High Schools 173
No. of Sanskrit Tol 10
No. of English Medium School 3
Total Population 1502682
Male 763389
Female 739293
Rural 1298654
Male 657199
Female 641455
Urban 204028
Male 106190
Female 97838
SC 273917
Male 138550
Female 135367
ST 4482
Male 2355
Female 2127

Places of Interest

Jagannath Temple Puri

The Temple of Lord Jagannath built during the 12th century A.D. by Chodaganga Deva dominates the landscape for kilometers around. Being the tallest temple (65 metres) in Orissa, it is one of the most magnificent pieces of monuments of India. In front of the main gate stands a 16 sided monolithic pillar (11 metres high), called Aruna Stambha which formally stood in front of the Sun Temple and was brought to Puri during the 18th century A.D. Some of the other important temples are :

Gundicha Temple,Puri
Lokonath Temple,Puri
Jambeswar temple,Puri
Sapta Matruka images near Markandeswar tank Puri
Sun Temple,Konark
Barahi Temple,at Chourasi,in Nimapara Block
Mangala Temple,Kakatpur
Sakhigopal Temple,at Sakhigopal
Amareswar Temple, at Amareswar,Nimapara Block
Sculpture shed at Bishnupur,Nimapara
Gramswar Temple,Terundia,Nimapara
Alarnath Temple,Brhamgiri
Baliharachandi Temple,Brhamagiri,Block
Kunteswar Temple,Araorh,Pipil Block
Harihar Temple,near Pipil
Shiva Temple,Jagadalpur at Delang Block
Tara image at Badatara,Gop
Bayalisbati Temple,near Gop
Mohabir Temple,Siruli Sadar Block

There are also a number of holy tanks like Narendra, Markandeya, Sweta Ganga and Indradyumna. There are many Monasteries locally known as Mathas also of tourist interest.

Excavated Archeological Sites


It is 80 Km away from Konark.The excavation work conducted here reveal the remains at Buddhists artifacts at 10 th century A.D.


It is in Krushnaprasad block from which the remains at mediaeval period are found.

Klkha patana on Puri Konark Marine drive road where the remains of 15th century was found.


District Museum Puri

With a view to preserve and project our rich cultural heritage, the district Museum at Puri is functioning since 1997. It is one of the branch museum of Orissa state museum and managed by Govt of Orissa. Different veshas of Lord Jagannath, Sculptures of various Kinds, Patta paintings oalm leaf paintings, Handicrafts of numerous varieties are displayed in this museum. It is located at the station road, Puri-2. There is no entry fee for visiting this museum.

Another handicraft museum is situated at Batagaon, 5 Kms formPuri on puri Bhubaneswar road. It is managed by a Co-operative Society.


Dist Library

The Dist library of Puri is situated at station road and having more than 15000 books daily News paper and Magazines are brought to this library regularly. It is managed by dept of culture, Govt of Orissa. Anyone interested can read in this library. There is no lending facilities.

Panchasakha Memorial Hall Library, Sakhigopal

This library is also managed by department of culture, Orissa. It has more than 4000 books at its stock. Monday is the weekly holidays. To extend library activities in rural areas, registered libraries functioning at different parts of the district are encouraged with various distance from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation Calcutta through State Govt.

Places of Interest around Puri

Balighai (8 km)

The Casuarina fringed Balighai beach is a famous picnic spot. The Sun and fun at the mouth of the river Nuanai is unforgettable.

Brahmagiri (25 km)

Brahmagiri is known for the living shrine of Alarnath. Streams of pilgrims visit Alarnath during Anabasara of Lord Jagannath. Nearby is the shrine of Baliharachandi on the solitary sand dunes.

Satyabadi (20 km)

Satyabadi or Sakshigopal is known for the shrine of Lord Sakshigopal. It is believed that the visit to Puri is incomplete without a visit to Sakshigopal. The temple is only 2 km away from the main road leading to Puri and is convenient to visit.

Baliharachandi (27 km)

27 km to the south-west of Puri is the temple of Baliharachandi. Situated on a sandy hill near the sea and adjacent to the mouth of the river Bhargavi, Goddess Durga is worshipped here as Baliharachandi. The scenic beauty of this place is ideal for group picnic.

Raghurajpur (16 km)

One of the most famous artists village in Orissa, the village of Raghurajpur boasts not only of the exquisite pattachitra's and talapattachitra's, but also of being the native place of Guru kelucharan Mohapatra, the famed Odissi dancer. Even today, under the tutelage of renowned Guru's, young boys can be seen practicing the Gotipua dance here. A visit to Orissa would definitely be incomplete without a visit to this little village.

Satapara (52 km)

Satapara, a retreat in nature on Chilika Lake, has been thrown open to visitors. Its location near the confluence of the Lake with the Bay of Bengal, and proximity to Puri (52 km), makes it an ideal spot to enjoy Chilika. The thrilling sight of dolphins round the year and abundance of migratory and resident birds in winter make it a preferred place for a vacation with nature.