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Climatically the state has three major seasons:

Hot weather

is from April to June when the climate of the plains is excessively hot and dry with temperatures as high as 49° C (120° F).

Rainy season

is from July to September. The average rainfall annual ranges between 96 cms in the sub-mountain region and 58 cms in the plains. More than 70 percent of the annual rainfall occurs during this monsoon season.


are cool with some frosts. Annual rainfall ranges from about 915 mm (about 36 in) in the north to 102 mm (4 in) in the south. The average temperature in January is 13° C (55° F), although at night the temperature sometimes lowers to freezing. Winter months are October to March with cool and pleasant weather.

Best season

is October to March.

Cotton clothing are apt for the summer months and woolens are required for the winter months.