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Trains from Chennai Central

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
12759Chennai Hyderabad Charminar ExpressChennai Central 6:10 PMHyderabad 8:00 AM
12829Chennai Central Bhubaneswar ExpressChennai Central9:10 PMBhubaneswar5:35 PM
12840Chennai Central Howrah MailChennai Central11:40 PMHowrah4:10 AM
12852Chennai Bilaspur ExpressChennai Central9:10 PMBilaspur8:15 PM
16031Chennai Jammu Tawi Andaman ExpressChennai Central5:15 AMJammu Tawi1:10 PM
16041Chennai Alappuzha ExpressChennai Central8:45 PMAlappuzha10:45 AM
16053Chennai Tirupati ExpressChennai Central1:50 PMTirupati5:00 PM
16057Chennai Tirupati Saptagiri ExpressChennai Central6:25 AMTirupati9:30 AM
16089Chennai Tirupattur Yelagiri ExpressChennai Central5:55 PMTirupattur10:40 PM
16093Chennai Lucknow ExpressChennai Central5:15 AMLucknow8:35 PM
16203Chennai Tirupati ExpressChennai Central4:35 PMTirupati8:10 PM
16222Chennai Mysore Kaveri ExpressChennai Central9:30 PMMysore7:40 AM
16627Chennai Mangalore West Coast ExpressChennai Central11:30 AMMangalore Central4:20 AM
16669Chennai Erode Yercaud ExpressChennai Central10:40 PMErode Jn6:25 AM
17311Chennai Vasco Da Gama ExpressChennai Central2:10 PMVasco Da Gama1:00 PM
17313Chennai Hubli ExpressChennai Central2:10 PMHubli6:35 AM
22205Chennai Central Madurai AC Duronto ExpressChennai Central10:30 PMMadurai Junction7:00 AM
22207Chennai Central Thiruvananthapuram AC Duronto ExprChennai Central4:30 PMThiruvananthapuram Central5:15 AM
22601Chennai Central Sai Nagar Shirdi ExpressChennai Central10:10 AMSai Nagar Shirdi11:30 AM
22625Chennai Bangalore A/C Double DeckerChennai Central7:25 AMBangalore City Junction1:30 PM
22682Chennai Mysore ExpressChennai Central11:30 PMMysore8:35 AM
22826Chennai Shalimar ExpressChennai Central4:15 PM Shalimar9:30 PM
22860Chennai Puri ExpressChennai Central4:15 PMPuri3:05 PM
22870Chennai Visakhapatnam ExpressChennai Central9:10 PMVisakhapatnam Junction10:25 AM
22870Chennai Visakhapatnam ExpressChennai Central9:10 PMVisakhapatnam Junction10:25 AM
2687AChennai Chandigarh ExpressChennai Central/MAS09:45AMChandigarh/CDG04:20AM
6005Chennai Vizag ExpressChennai Central/MAS07:25PMVishakhapatnam/VSKP11:05AM
6079Nagercoil ExpressChennai Central/MAS06:05PMNagercoil Junction/NCJ10:00AM
6319Trivandrum MailChennai Central/MAS07:00PMTrivandrum Central/TVC11:45AM
6403Chennai Tirupati ExpressChennai Central/MAS04:20PMTirupati/TPTY07:50PM
6523Bangalore ExpressChennai Central/MAS01:00PMBangalore City Junction/SBC07:50PM
6721T T ExpressChennai Central/MAS04:15PMTuticorin/TN07:40AM

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