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Trains from Delhi

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
12270Nizamuddin Chennai Duronto ExpressNizamuddin3:50 PMChennai Central8:10 PM
12272New Delhi Lucknow Duronto ExpressNew Delhi11:30 PMLucknow7:10 AM
12274New Delhi Howrah Duronto ExpressNew Delhi1:00 PMHowrah6:00 AM
12276New Delhi Allahabad Duronto ExpressNew Delhi10:40 PMAllahabad6:10 AM
12280Nizamuddin Jhansi Taj ExpressNizamuddin07:10 AMJhansi 2:00 PM
12282New Delhi Bhubaneswar Duronto Express New Delhi 1:00 PMBhubaneswar11:05 AM
12284Nizamuddin Ernakulam Duronto ExpressNizamuddin9:35 PMErnakulam Junction3:25 PM
12286Nizamuddin Secunderabad Duronto ExpressNizamuddin3:50 PMSecunderabad2:00 PM
12302New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Express (Via Gaya)New Delhi5:00 PMHowrah 09:55 AM
12304New Delhi Howrah Poorva Express (Via Patna)New Delhi04:20 PMHowrah 04:45 PM
12306New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Express (Via Patna)New Delhi05:00 PMHowrah 12:40 PM
12310New Delhi Rajendranagar (T) Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi05:10 PMRajendranagar (T)06:00 AM
12314New Delhi Sealdah Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi04:30 PMSealdah10:15 AM
12324New Delhi Howrah ExpressNew Delhi07:10 AMHowrah06:00 AM
12324New Delhi Howrah ExpressNew Delhi07:10 AMHowrah06:00 AM
12330Delhi Sealdah West Bengal Sampark Kranti ExpressDelhi07:10 PMSealdah05:25 PM
12350New Delhi Bhagalpur ExpressNew Delhi11:45 PMBhagalpur08:00 PM
12368Anand Vihar (T) Bhagalpur Vikran Shila ExpressAnand Vihar Terminus02:40 PMBhagalpur12:25 PM
12382New Delhi Howrah Poorva Express (Via Gaya)New Delhi04:20 PMHowrah 04:45 PM
12388Anand Vihar (T) Rajendranagar Jan Sadharan ExpressAnand Vihar Terminus3:20 PMRajendranagar (T)8:00 AM
12392New Delhi Rajgir Shramjeevi ExpressNew Delhi01:15 PMRajgir10:10 AM
12394New Delhi Rajendra Nagar Sampooma Kranti ExpressNew Delhi05:30 PMRajendranagar (T)7:35 AM
12398New Delhi Gaya Mahabodhi ExpressNew Delhi02:10 PMGaya 05:50 AM
12402New Delhi Islampur Magadh Express New Delhi8:10 PMIslampur01:55 PM
12406Nizamuddin Bhusaval Gondwana ExpressNizamuddin03:25 PMBhusaval03:50 PM
12410Nizamuddin Raigarh Gondwana ExpressNizamuddin3:25 PMRaigarh7:05 PM
12412Nizamuddin Jabalpur Gondwana ExpressNizamuddin3:25 PMJabalpur7:05 AM
12416Nizamuddin Indore ExpressNizamuddin10:15 PMIndore12:00 PM
12418New Delhi Allahabad Prayagraj ExpressNew Delhi09:25 PMAllahabad 06:45 AM
12420New Delhi Lucknow Gomti ExpressNew Delhi12:30 PMLucknow9:25 PM
12424New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi02:00 PMDibrugarh Town4:50 AM
12425New Delhi Jammu Tawi Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi8:40 PMJammu Tawi5:40 AM
12428Anand Vihar (T ) Rewa ExpressDelhi Anand Vihar (T) 9:15 PMRewa11:00 AM
12430Nizamuddin Bangalore Rajdhani ExpressNizamuddin8:50 PMBangalore6:40 AM
12432Nizamuddin Thiruvananthapuram Rajdhani ExpressNizamuddin11:00 AMThiruvananthapuram5:00 AM
12434Nizamuddin Chennai Rajdhani ExpressNizamuddin4:00 PMChennai Central8:15 PM
12436New Delhi Dibrugarh Town Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi9:30 AMDibrugarh Town6:15 AM
12438Nizamuddin Secunderabad Rajdhani ExpressNizamuddin4:00 PMSecunderabad2:00 PM
12440New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi04:10 PMRanchi09:10 AM
12442New Delhi Bilaspur Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi3:45 PMBilaspur12:00 AM
12444Anand Vihar Haldia Express Delhi Anand Vihar (T)7:10 PMHaldia8:30 PM
12445New Delhi Udhampur Uttar Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi8:50 PMUdhampur8:05 AM
12448Nizamuddin Manikpur Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti ENizamuddin8:15 PMManikpur 8:35 AM
12450Nizamuddin Madgaon Goa Sampark Kranti ExpressNizamuddin7:30 AMMadgaon1:15 PM
12452New Delhi Kanpur Shram Shakti ExpressNew Delhi11:40 PMKanpur5:55 AM
12454New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi04:10 PMRanchi10:40 AM
12455Delhi Sarai Rohilla Sri Ganganagar AC ExpressDelhi Sarai Rohilla10:50 PMSri Ganganagar 7:40 AM
12457Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bikaner ExpressDelhi Sarai Rohilla11:35 PMBikaner7:40 AM
12459New Delhi Amritsar ExpressNew Delhi1:35 PMAmritsar09:40 PM
12461Delhi Jodhpur Mandore ExpressDelhi9:15 PMJodhpur7:40 AM

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