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Train Name / Number

Trains from Haryana

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
12006Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi Express Kalka6:15 AMNew Delhi10:25 AM
12012Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressKalka5:45 PMNew Delhi9:55 PM
12312Kalka Howrah MailKalka11:55 PMHowrah 7:55 AM
12556Hissar Gorakhpur Gorakhdham ExpressHisar4:35 PMGorakhdham9:55 AM
1346Palwal Agra MEMUPalwal/PWL04:35AMAgra Cantt./AGC07:15AM
1346NPalwal Agra MEMUPalwal/PWL04:35AMAgra Cantt./AGC07:15AM
14086Sirsa Tilak Bridge Haryana Express Sirsa3:45 AM Tilak Bridge10:00 AM
14096Kalka Delhi Sarai Rohilla Himalayan Queen ExpressKalka4:50 PMDelhi Rohilla10:40 PM
14324Rohtak New Delhi ExpressRohtak2:15 PMNew Delhi 4:00 PM
14524Ambala Cantt. Muzaffar pur Harihar ExpressAmbala Cantt.10:.35 PMMuzaffarpur11:50 PM
14525Ambala Cantt. Sriganganagar Intercity ExpressAmbala Cantt.5:15 AMSriganganagar12:25 PM
14545Farukh Nagar Saharanpur ExpressFarukh Nagar1:10 PMSaharanpur Junction9:20 PM
14724Bhiwani Kanpur Central Kalindi ExpressBhiwani6:25 AMKanpur Central11:10 AM
14795Bhiwani Kalka Ekta ExpressBhiwani4:30 AMKalka11:10 AM
14796Kalka Bhiwani Ekta ExpressKalka4:50 PMBhiwani11:20 PM
14887Kalka Barmer Chandigarh ExpressKalka9:45 PMBarmer8:00 PM
1PUMPanipat Ambala EMUPanipat Junction/PNP05:30AMAmbala Cantt. Junction/UMB08:10AM
1UKMKurukshetra Ambala EMUKurukshetra Junction/KKDE09:55AMAmbala Cantt. Junction/UMB10:50AM
22926Kalka Bandra (T) Paschim ExpressKalka10:20 AMBandra (T)2:45 PM
2DPMPanipat Delhi EMUPanipat Junction/PNP06:35AMOld Delhi/DLI08:40AM
2EDPPanipat Delhi EMUPanipat Junction/PNP05:30PMOld Delhi/DLI07:35PM
2KDMKurukshetra Delhi EMUKurukshetra Junction/KKDE06:05AMOld Delhi/DLI09:30AM
2NPMPanipat Nivari Delhi MEMUPanipat Junction/PNP05:20AMNew Delhi/NDLS07:35AM
2PGMPanipat Ghaziabad MEMUPanipat Junction/PNP06:05AMGhaziabad/GZB09:10AM
2SDSSonipat Delhi Sbb EMUSonipat/SNP07:10AMSahibabad/SBB08:50AM
3PUMPanipat Ambala EMUPanipat Junction/PNP05:50PMAmbala Cantt. Junction/UMB08:20PM
3UKMKurukshetra Ambala MEMUKurukshetra Junction/KKDE05:50PMAmbala Cantt. Junction/UMB06:45PM
52451Kalka Shimla Shivalik Exp.Kalka5:30 AMShimla10:15 AM
52453Kalka Shimla MailKalka6:00 AMShimla11:05 AM
52455Kalka Shimla Exp.Kalka12:10 PMShimla5:20 PM
52457Kalka Shimla Exp.Kalka4:00 AMShimla9:20 AM
5PUMPanipat Ambala MEMUPanipat Junction/PNP08:05PMAmbala Cantt. Junction/UMB10:20PM
5UKMKurukshetra Ambala MEMUKurukshetra Junction/KKDE11:15PMAmbala Cantt. Junction/UMB12:10AM
6NPMPanipat NDLS EMUPanipat Junction/PNP09:50PMNew Delhi/NDLS11:55PM
GDMPalwal Ghaziabad EMUPalwal/PWL07:30AMGhaziabad/GZB10:15AM
GDP1Palwal Ghaziabad EMUPalwal/PWL08:40AMOld Delhi/DLI10:31AM
GDP3Palwal Ghaziabad EMUPalwal/PWL11:00AMGhaziabad/GZB01:30PM
GDP5Palwal Delhi Ghaziabad EMUPalwal/PWL11:15PMGhaziabad/GZB01:30AM
GNP1Palwal New Delhi Ghaziabad EMUPalwal/PWL06:40AMGhaziabad/GZB08:50AM
HP1Palwal Nizamuddin EMUPalwal/PWL04:30PMH Nizamuddin/NZM05:30PM
HP3H Nizamuddin Palwal EMUPalwal/PWL02:00PMH Nizamuddin/NZM03:15PM
NP1Palwal New Delhi EMUPalwal/PWL07:55AMNew Delhi/NDLS09:25AM
NP3Palwal New Delhi EMUPalwal/PWL08:00AMNew Delhi/NDLS09:25AM
PK1Palwal Kosikalan EMUPalwal/PWL09:35PMKosi Kalan/KSV10:30PM
SNP1Palwal Nivari Delhi Shakurbasti EMUPalwal/PWL06:05AMShakurbasti/SSB08:10AM
SNP3Palwal Nivari Delhi Shakurbasti EMUPalwal/PWL12:35PMShakurbasti/SSB02:45PM
SNP5Palwal New Delhi Shakurbasti EMUPalwal/PWL03:20PMShakurbasti/SSB05:40PM
SNP7Palwal Shakurbasti EMUPalwal/PWL10:20PMShakurbasti/SSB01:00AM

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