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Trains from Indore Junction Bg

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
0932Indore Bandra SpecialIndore Junction Bg/INDB05:30PMBandra Terminus/BDTS09:45AM
0953Indore Surat SpecialIndore Junction Bg/INDB06:45PMSurat/ST04:45AM
1125AIndore Bhind ExpressIndore Junction Bg/INDB08:15PMBhind/BIX11:00AM
11704Indore Rewa ExpressIndore Junction BG4:15 AMRewa10:30 PM
19301Indore Yesvantpur ExpressIndore Junction BG8:55 PMBangalore Yesvantpur Junction11:15 AM
19329Indore Udaipur City ExpressIndore Junction BG8:05 AMUdaipur City7:00 PM
22184Indore Habibganj AC Double Decker Express (via DewIndore Junction BG7:35 PMBhopal Habibganj11:20 PM
22186Indore Bhopal AC Double Deaker Express (via UjjainIndore Junction BG10:10 AMBhopal Junction2:05 PM
59307Indore Junction BG to Jaipur ExpressIndore Junction BG6:00 PMJaipur Junction9:25 AM
611WRIndore Bhongir Mhow DMUIndore Junction Bg/INDB08:50PMMhow/MHOW09:40PM
613WRIndore Bhongir Mhow DMUIndore Junction Bg/INDB11:30PMMhow/MHOW12:20AM
9317Indore Bhongir Nagpur ExpressIndore Junction Bg/INDB09:30PMNagpur/NGP09:00AM

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