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Trains from Kanpur Central

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
10LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB11:45AMLucknow/LKO01:25PM
12469Kanpur Jammu Tawi ExpressKanpur Central05:15 PMJammu Tawi11:50 AM
12944Kanpur Valsad Udyogkarmi ExpressKanpur Central8:00 AMValsad7:35 AM
12LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB02:00PMLucknow/LKO03:40PM
14124Kanpur Pratapgarh ExpressKanpur Central5:35 PMPratapgarh10:50 PM
14723Kanpur Central Bhiwani Kalindi ExpressKanpur Central5:05 PMBhiwani9:40 AM
14LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB06:15PMLucknow/LKO07:55PM
15037Kanpur Kasganj Express Kanpur Central10:45 AMKasganj4:30 PM
16LKMLcm EMUKanpur Central/CNB10:25PMLucknow/LKO12:05AM
18204Kanpur Durg Betwa ExpressKanpur Central6:20 PMDurg Junction1:10 PM
18513Kanpur Central Amritsar ExpressKanpur Central09:45 PMAmritsar04:55 PM
1KTAKanpur Agra SpecialKanpur Central/CNB07:15AMAgra Cantt./AGC03:00PM
22442Kanpur Allahabad Intercity ExpressKanpur Central6:30 AMAllahabad Junction9:35 AM
24228Kanpur Varanasi Varuna ExpressKanpur Central4:00 PMVaranasi11:20 PM
2LCMLcm EMUKanpur Central/CNB04:20PMLucknow/LKO06:05PM
2LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB05:00AMLucknow/LKO07:00AM
2PLMLucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB06:30AMLucknow/LKO08:20AM
4LCMLcm EMUKanpur Central/CNB08:35PMLucknow/LKO10:15PM
4LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB07:35AMLucknow/LKO09:15AM
6LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB09:15AMLucknow/LKO10:55AM
8LKMKanpur Lucknow EMUKanpur Central/CNB10:45AMLucknow/LKO12:40PM

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