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Train Name / Number

Trains from Kerala

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
0168Kochuveli Dadar ExpressKochuveli/KCVL08:50AMDadar Central/DR04:40PM
0646Chennai ExpressKollam Junction/QLN05:45PMChennai Central/MAS10:00AM
0648Chennai SpecialKochuveli/KCVL08:15PMChennai Central/MAS12:20PM
0729Hyderabad ExpressKollam Junction/QLN01:40PMHyderabad Deccan/HYB07:20PM
0792Hubli ExpressKochuveli/KCVL12:45PMHubli Junction/UBL01:50PM
0930Kochuveli Bhavnagar ExpressKochuveli/KCVL08:50AMBhavnagar Terminus/BVC08:45AM
10216Ernakulam Madgaon ExpressErnakulam3:05 PMMadgaon4:00 AM
11098Ernakulam Pune Poorna Express Ernakulam Jn11:30 PMPune5:05 AM
12075Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram Jan Shatabdi ExpressKozhikode Main.1:40 PMThiruvananthapuram8:55 PM
12076Thiruvananthapuram Kozhikode Jan Shatabdi ExpressThiruvananthapuram6:00 AMKozhikode Main.12:55 PM
12081Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram Jan Shatabdi ExpressKozhikode Main6:15 AMThiruvananthapuram Central1:45 PM
12082Thiruvananthapuram Kozhikode Jan Shatabti ExpressThiruvananthapuram2:20 PMKozhikode Main.10:05 PM
12202Kochuveli Lokmanya Tilak (T) Garib Rath Express Kochuveli8:50 AMLokmanya Tilak11:45 AM
12217Kochuveli Chandigarh Kerala Sampark Kranti ExpressKochuveli9:15 AMChandigarh3:45 PM
12224Ernakulam Lokmanya Tilak (T) AC Duranto Express Ernakulam9:30 PMLokmanya Tilak6:15 PM
12258Kochuveli Yesvantpur Garib Rath ExpressKochuveli 5:00 PMYesvantpur Jn.9:05 AM
12283Ernakulam Nizamuddin Duronto ExpressErnakulam11:30 PMNizamuddin7:30 PM
12287Kochuveli Dehradun ExpressKochuveli8:50 AMDehradun06:00 PM
12431Thiruvananthapuram Nizamuddin Rajdhani ExpressThiruvananthapuram Central7:15 PMNizamuddin12:40 PM
12483Kochuveli Amritsar ExpressKochuveli9:15 AMAmritsar07:45 PM
12507Ernakulam Guwahati ExpressErnakulam Junction9:15 PMGuwahati7:55 AM
12512Thiruvananthapuram Gorakhpur Rapti Sagar ExpressTrivandrum Central5:45 AMGorakhpur Junction3:10 AM
12515Thiruvananthapuram Guwahati ExpressTrivandrum Central12:50 PMGuwahati5:50 AM
12522Ernakulam Barauni Rapti Sagar ExpressErnakulam Junction10:15 AMBarauni Junction 10:50 PM
12617Ernakulam Nizamuddin Mangala Lakshadweep ExpressErnakulam01:15 PMNizamuddin1:10 PM
12624Thiruvananthapuram Chennai Mail Thiruvananthapuram Central2:30 PMChennai Central6:55 AM
12625Thiruvananthapuram New Delhi Kerala ExpressThiruvananthapuram Central11:15 AMNew Delhi1:40 PM
12643Thiruvananthapuram Nizamuddin ExpressTrivandrum Central2:20 PMNizamuddin5:05 PM
12645Ernakulam Nizamuddin Millennium ExpressErnakulam Junction7:00 PMNizamuddin5:05 PM
12678Ernakulam Bangalore Intercity ExpressErnakulam Jn.9:10 AMBangalore City Jn.7:50 PM
12683Ernakulam Bangalore Express Ernakulam Jn.5:00 PMBangalore City Jn.4:20 AM
12696Thiruvananthapuram Chennai ExpressThiruvananthapuram Central5:10 PMChennai Central9:50 AM
12698Thiruvananthapuram Chennai ExpressThiruvananthapuram Central8:10 PMChennai Central12:25 PM
12778Kochuveli Hubli Express Kochuveli 12:50 PMHubli Junction12:55 PM
12977Ernakulam Ajmer Marusagar ExpressErnakulam8:05 PMAjmer5:00 PM
13352Alappuzha Dhanbad Express Alappuzha6:00 AMDhanbad1:15 PM
16042Alappuzha Chennai ExpressAlappuzha4:00 PMChennai Central6:45 AM
16128Guruvayur Chennai Egmore ExpressGuruvayur8:50 PMChennai9:15 PM
16301Shoranur Thiruvananthapuram Venad ExpressShoranur Jn.2:20 PMThiruvananthapuram10:10 PM
16302Thiruvananthapuram Shoranur Venad ExpressThiruvananthapuram5:00 AMShoranur Junction12:40 PM
16303Ernakulam Thiruvananthapuram Vanchinad ExpressErnakulam Jn.5:00 AMThiruvananthapuram Central9:45 AM
16304Thiruvananthapuram Ernakulam Vanchinad ExpressThiruvananthapuram5:40 PMErnakulam10:20 PM
16305Ernakulam Kannur Intercity ExpressErnakulam Junction6:50 AMKannur Main.12:30 PM
16306Kannur Ernakulam Intercity ExpressKannur2:35 PMErnakulam Jn.8:30 PM
16307Alappuzha Kannur ExpressAlappuzha3:00 PMKannur Main.10:55 PM
16308Kannur Alappuzha ExpressKannur Main.5:00 AM Alappuzha1:00 PM
16309Ernakulam Patna ExpressErnakulam Junction4:40 PMPatna Junction8:15 PM
16312Thiruvananthapuram Bikaner ExpressKochuveli3:30 PMBikaner10:00 PM
16313Ernakulam Kannur ExpressErnakulam4:20 PMKannur 10:55 PM
16314Kannur Ernakulam ExpressKannur Main.5:00 AMErnakulam Jn.11:30 AM

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