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Mail/Express Trains

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
11039Sri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T) Gondia MaharashtShahu Maharaj3:30 PMGondia8:15 PM
11040Gondia Sri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T) MaharashtGondia8:20 AMShahu Maharaj12:45 PM
11041Mumbai Chennai ExpressMumbai CST2:00 PMChennai Central4:45 PM
11042Chennai Mumbai ExpressChennai Central11:55 AMMumbai CST1:45 PM
11043Lokmanya Tilak (T) Madurai ExpressLokmanya Tilak12:15 AMMadurai12:30 AM
11044Madurai Lokmanya Tilak (T) ExpressMadurai6:00 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)5:45 AM
11045 Sri Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj (T) / Dhanbad Deeksh Sri Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj (T)11:45 PMDhanbad12:00 PM
11046Dhanbad Sri Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj(T) DeekshabhooDhanbad1:55 PMChatrapati Sahu Maharaj3:45 AM
11047Miraj Hubli ExpressMiraj12:10 AMHubli6:25 AM
11048Hubli Miraj ExpressHubli11:00 PMMiraj05:15 AM
11049Ahmedabad Sri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T) ExpresAhmedabad7:55 PMSri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T)3:25 PM
11050Sri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T) Ahmedabad ExpresSri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T)12:50 PMAhmedabad7:45 AM
11051Solapur Sri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (T) ExpressSolapur8:25 AMChhatrapati Shahu Maharaj 2:15 PM
11052Sri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj(T) Solapur ExpressChhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Terminus8:45 AMSolapur3:00 PM
11055Lokmanya Tilak (T) Gorakhpur Godaan ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)10:55 AMGorakhpur Junction8:15 PM
11056Gorakhpur Lokmanya Tilak (T) Godan ExpressGorakhpur6:25 AMLokmanya Tilak (T)4:05 PM
11057Dadar Amritsar ExpressDadar11:45 PMAmritsar4:30 PM
11058Amritsar Dadar ExpressAmritsar 8:30 AMDadar03:50 AM
11059Lokmanya Tilak (T) Chhapra Godaan ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)10:55 AMChhapra Junction8:55 PM
11060Chhapra Lokmanya Tilak (T) Godan ExpressChhapra5:30 AMLokmanya Tilak (T)4:05 PM
11061Lokmanya Tilak (T) Muzaffarpur ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)12:15 PMMuzaffarpur10:40 PM
11062Muzaffarpur Lokmanya Tilak (T) ExpressMuzaffarpur3:50 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)3:40 AM
11063Chennai Egmore Salem ExpressChennai Egmore11:00 PMSalem6:35 AM
11064Salem Chennai Egmore Express Salem 9:00 PMChennai Egmore4:50 AM
11065Lokmanya Tilak (T) Darbhanga ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)12:15 PMDarbhanga1:20 AM
11066Darbhanga Lokmanya Tilak (T) ExpressDarbhanga1:10 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)3:40 AM
11067Lokmanya Tilak (T) Faizabad/ Raebareli Saket ExpreLokmanya Tilak (T)5:20 AMFaizabad9:25 AM
11068Faizabad Lokmanya Tilak (T) Saket ExpressFaizabad3:35 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)9:40 PM
11069Lokmanya Tilak (T) Allahabad ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)5:20 AMAllahabad8:50 AM
11070Allahabad Lokmanya Tilak (T) ExpressAllahabad04:15 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)9:40 PM
11071Lokmanya Tilak (T) Varanasi Kamayani ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)12:40 PMVaranasi7:25 PM
11072Varanasi Lokmanya Tilak (T) Kamayani ExpressVaranasi3:50 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)11:05 PM
11077Pune Jammu Tawi Jhelum ExpressPune5:20 PMJammu Tawi10:00 AM
11078Jammu Tawi Pune Jhelum ExpressJammu Tawi9:45 PMPune2:35 PM
11087Veraval Pune ExpressVeraval7:50 AMPune4:45 AM
11088Pune Veraval Express Pune7:50 PMVeraval4:40 PM
11089Jodhpur Pune ExpressJodhpur5:30 AMPune4:45 AM
11090Pune Jodhpur ExpressPune7:50 PMJodhpur5:00 PM
11091Bhuj Pune ExpressBhuj8:30 AMPune4:45 AM
11092Pune Bhuj ExpressPune7:50 PMNew Bhuj3:20 PM
11093Mumbai Varanasi Mahanagari ExpressMumbai CST12:10 PMVaranasi4:40 AM
11094Varanasi Mumbai Mahanagari ExpressVaranasi11:25 AMMumbai CST2:15 PM
11095Ahmedabad Pune Ahimsa ExpressAhmedabad4:25 PMPune4:45 AM
11096Pune Ahmedabad Ahimsa ExpressPune7:50 PMAhmedabad7:45 AM
11097Pune Ernakulam Poorna ExpressPune11:10 PMErnakulam4:15 AM
11098Ernakulam Pune Poorna Express Ernakulam Jn11:30 PMPune5:05 AM
11103Jhansi Mumbai ExpressJhansi Junction4:50 PMMumbai Bandra Terminus5:10 PM
11104Bandra (T) Jhansi ExpressMumbai Bandra Terminus5:10 AMJhansi Junction6:10 AM
11105Kolkata Jhansi Pratham Swatantrata Sangram ExpressKolkata7:25 AMJhansi8:50 AM
11106Jhansi Kolkata Pratham Swatantrata Sangram ExpressJhansi 8:40 PMKolkata9:45 PM

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