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Train Name / Number

Mail/Express Trains

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
15234Darbhanga Kolkata Express Darbhanga4:10 PMKolkata3:10 AM
15235Howrah Darbhanga Express Howrah11:05 AM Darbhanga10:15 PM
15236Darbhanga Howrah Express Darbhanga4:10 PMHowrah3:00 AM
15237Darbhanga Ajmer ExpressDarbhanga1:45 PMAjmer9:50 PM
15238Ajmer Darbhanga ExpressDarbhanga8:00 AMAjmer11:25 PM
15267Raxaul LokmanyaTilak (T) Jan Sadharan ExpressRaxaul4:55 PMLokmanya Tilak (T)6:05 AM
15268Lokmanya Tilak (T) Raxaul Jan Sadharan ExpressLokmanya Tilak (T)3:50 PMRaxaul7:40 AM
15269Muzaffarpur Ahmedabad Jan Sadharan ExpressMuzaffarpur9:20 PMAhmedabad9:10 AM
15270Ahmedabad Muzaffarpur Jan Sadharan ExpressAhmedabad4:15 PMMuzaffarpur4:00 AM
15271Howrah Muzaffarpur Jan Sadharan Express Howrah11:05 AMMuzaffarpur10:50 PM
15272Muzaffarpur Howrah Jan Sadharan Express Muzaffarpur3:20 PMHowrah3:00 AM
15273Raxaul Delhi Satyagraha ExpressRaxaul8:50 AMDelhi9:20 AM
15274Delhi Raxaul Satyagraha ExpressDelhi5:15 PMRaxaul4:50 PM
15275Saharsa Barauni ExpressSaharsa Jn.11:55 PMBarauni Jn. 2:45 AM
15276Barauni Saharsa ExpressBarauni Jn. 3:45 AMSaharsa Jn.7:25 AM
15279Saharsa Adarsh Nagar Delhi Poorabiya ExpressSaharsa11:00 AMAdarsg Nagar2:15 PM
15280Adarshnagar Delhi Saharsa Poorabiya ExpressAdarshnagar3:40 PMSaharsa6:50 PM
15281Saharsa Patna Koshi ExpressSaharsa Jn.5:10 AMPatna Jn. 10:25 AM
15282Patna Saharsa Koshi ExpressPatna Jn4:55 PMSaharsa Jn.10:30 PM
15283Saharsa Jaynagar Janki ExpressSaharsa Jn.11:15 PMJaynagar5:20 AM
15284Jaynagar Saharsa Janki ExpressJaynagar11:45 PMSaharsa Jn.5:40 AM
15307 Bareilly Junction to Aishbagh ExpressBareilly Junction9:50 PMAishbagh6:35 AM
15308Aishbagh to Bareilly Junction ExpressAishbagh8:35 PMBareilly Junction5:30 AM
15309Kasganj Aishbagh Rohail Khand ExpressKasganj5:00 AMAishbagh 4:40 PM
15310Aishbagh Kasganj Rohail Khand ExpressAishbagh7:10 AMKasganj7:40 PM
15311Kasganj Junction to Bareilly City Express Kasganj Junction9:40 AMBareilly City12:50 PM
15312Bareilly City to Kasganj Junction ExpressBareilly City10:05 PMKasganj Junction1:00 AM
15313Aishbagh Bareilly ExpressAishbagh10:50 AMBareilly8:30 PM
15314Bareilly Aishbagh ExpressBareilly6:35 AMAishbagh3:55 PM
15315Gonda Kasganj Gokul ExpressGonda8:15 PMKasganj9:30 AM
15316Kasganj Gonda Gokul ExpressKasganj5:35 PMGonda7:15 AM
15319Palia Kalan Aishbagh Sanctuary ExpressPalia Kalan3:05 AMAishbagh9:30 AM
15320Aishbagh Palia Kalan Sanctuary ExpressAishbagh5:10 PMPalia Kalan11:55 PM
15321Barhni Gonda Kapilavastu Express(MG)Barhni7:05 PMGonda MG10:35 PM
15322Gonda Barhni Kapilavastu Express(MG)Gonda MG10:15 AMBarhni 1:15 PM
15463Balurghat New Jalpaiguri ExpressBalurghat10:40 AMNew Jalpaiguri4:40 PM
15464New Jalpaiguri Balurghat ExpressNew Jalpaiguri10:20 AMBalurghat 4:15 PM
15465New Jalpaiguri-Dhubri InterCity ExpressNew Jalpaiguri05:45 AMDhubri12:30 PM
15466Dhubri-New Jalpaiguri InterCity ExpressDhubri01:00 PMNew Jalpaiguri07:50 PM
15467New jalpaiguri Alipur Duar Intercity ExpressNew Jalpaiguri4:50 PMAlipur Duar9:10 PM
15468Alipur Duar New jalpaiguri Intercity Alipurduar Junction6:00 AMNew Jalpaiguri10:10 AM
15469Alipurduar Lumding Intercity ExpressAlipurduar Junction4:00 AMLumding Junction1:45 PM
15470Lumding Alipurduar Intercity ExpressLumding Junction3:00 PMAlipurduar Junction12:40 AM
15471Alipurduar Kamakhya Intercity ExpressAlipurduar Junction5:15 AMKamakhya Junction11:55 AM
15472Kamakhya Alipurduar Intercity ExpressKamakhya Junction4:30 PMAlipurduar Junction10:50 PM
15483Alipur Duar Junction to Old Delhi Junction ExpressAlipurduar Junction7:15 AMOld Delhi Junction6:10 PM
15483Alipur Duar Junction to Old Delhi Junction ExpressAlipurduar Junction7:15 AMOld Delhi Junction6:10 PM
15484Old Delhi Junction to Alipur Duar Junction ExpressOld Delhi Junction6:40 AMAlipur Duar Junction6:00 PM
15484Old Delhi Junction to Alipur Duar Junction ExpressOld Delhi Junction6:40 AMAlipur Duar Junction6:00 PM
15603Kamakhya Ledo Intercity ExpressKamakhya7:45 PMLedo10:00 AM

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