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Trains from New Jalpaiguri

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
0216ANew Jalpaiguri Howrah Superfast SpecialNew Jalpaiguri/NJP06:50PMHowrah Junction/HWH04:50AM
0546New Jalpaiguri Howrah Superfast SpecialNew Jalpaiguri/NJP06:50PMHowrah Junction/HWH04:50AM
12042New Jalpaiguri Howrah Shatabdi ExpressNew Jalpaiguri5:35 AMNew Howrah Junction1:35 PM
12344New Jalpaiguri Sealdah Darjeeling MailNew Jalpaiguri4:45 PMSealdah6:00 AM
12378New Jalpaiguri Sealdah Padatik ExpressNew Jalpaiguri9:00 PMSealdah6:45 AM
12523New Jalpaiguri New Delhi ExpressNew Jalpaiguri8:15 AMNew Delhi12:10 PM
12754New Jalpaiguri Chennai ExpressNew Jalpaiguri10:00 PMChennai Central2:55 PM
13245New Jalpaiguri Danapur Capital ExpressNew Jalpaiguri2:40 PMDanapur5:00 AM
15464New Jalpaiguri Balurghat ExpressNew Jalpaiguri10:20 AMBalurghat 4:15 PM
15465New Jalpaiguri-Dhubri InterCity ExpressNew Jalpaiguri05:45 AMDhubri12:30 PM
15467New jalpaiguri Alipur Duar Intercity ExpressNew Jalpaiguri4:50 PMAlipur Duar9:10 PM
15722New Jalpaiguri Digha Paharia ExpressNew Jalpaiguri9:15 PMDigha 12:00 AM
15723New Jalpaiguri Darbhanga Express New Jalpaiguri10:00 PMDarbhanga8:30 AM
15725New Jalpaiguri New Cooch Behar Intertiy ExpressNew Jalpaiguri9:00 AMNew Cooch Behar12:40 PM
15764New Jalpaiguri Balurghat ExpressNew Jalpaiguri10:20 AMBalurghat4:15 PM
15765New Jalpaiguri Alipurduar Intercity ExpressNew Jalpaiguri5:45 AMAlipurduar9:30 AM
15767New Jalpaiguri Alipurduar Intercity ExpressNew Jalpaiguri4:50 PMAlipurduar9:10 PM
52541New Jalpaiguri Darjeeling Passr.New Jalpaiguri9:00 AMDarjeeling4:15 PM

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