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Shatabdi Trains

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
12001Bhopal New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressBhopal2:45 PMNew Delhi10:45 PM
12002New Delhi Bhopa Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:00 AMBhopal 02:05 PM
12003Lucknow New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressLucknow Charbagh3:35 PMNew Delhi10:05 PM
12004New Delhi Lucknow Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi6:15 AMLucknow12:35 PM
12005New Delhi Kalka Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi5:15 PMKalka9:20 PM
12006Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi Express Kalka6:15 AMNew Delhi10:25 AM
12007Chennai Mysore Shatabdi ExpressChennai Central6:00 AMMysore1:00 PM
12008Mysore Chennai Shatabdi ExpressMysore2:15 PMChennai Central9:25 PM
12009Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Shatabdi ExpressMumbai Central06:25 AMAhmedabad01:10 PM
12010Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Shatabdi ExpressAhmedabad2:30 PMMumbai Central 9:35 PM
12011New Delhi Kalka Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi7:40 AMKalka11:45 AM
12012Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressKalka5:45 PMNew Delhi9:55 PM
12013New Delhi Amritsar Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi4:30 PMAmritsar10:35 PM
12014Amritsar New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar5:00 AMNew Delhi11:15 AM
12015New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi Express New Delhi6:05 AMAjmer12:45 PM
12016Ajmer New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAjmer3:45 PMNew Delhi10:40 PM
12017New Delhi Dehradun Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi6:50 AMDehradun12:40 PM
12018Dehradun New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressDehradun5:00 PMNew Delhi 10:45 PM
12019Howrah Ranchi Shatabdi ExpressHowrah6:05 AMRanchi1:10 PM
12020Ranchi Howrah Shatabdi ExpressRanchi1:45 PMHowrah9:10 PM
12025Pune Secunderabad Shatabdi ExpressPune5:50 AMSecunderabad2:30 PM
12026Secunderabad Pune Shatabdi ExpressSecunderabad2:55 PMPune11:10 PM
12027Chennai Bangalore Shatabdi ExpressChennai Central5:30 PMBangalore10:30 PM
12028Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi ExpressBangalore6:00 AMChennai Central11:00 AM
12029New Delhi Amritsar Swarna Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi7:20 AMAmritsar1:25 PM
12030Amritsar New Delhi Swarna Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar4:55 PMNew Delhi11:05 PM
12031New Delhi Amritsar Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi7:20 AMAmritsar1:25 PM
12032Amritsar New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar4:55 PMNew Delhi11:05 PM
12033Kanpur New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressKanpur6:00 AMNew Delhi11:10 AM
12034New Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi3:55 PMKanpur8:50 PM
12035Jaipur Agra Fort Shatabdi ExpressJaipur Junction7:05 AMAgra Fort10:35 AM
12036 Agra Fort Jaipur Shatabdi ExpressAgra Fort4:20 PMJaipur Junction7:50 PM
12037New Delhi Ludhiana Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi7:00 AMLudhiana12:25 PM
12038Ludiana New Delhi Shatabdi Express Ludiana4:40 PMNew Delhi10:10 PM
12039Kathgodam Anand Vihar (T) Shatabdi ExpressKathgodam3:45 PMDelhi Anand Vihar (T)9:15 PM
12040Anand Vihar (T) Kathgodam Shartabdi ExpressDelhi Anand Vihar (T)6:15 AMKathgodam11:50 AM
12041Howrah New Jalpaiguri Shatabdi ExpressKolkata HowrahJunction2:15 PMNew Jalpaiguri10:20 PM
12042New Jalpaiguri Howrah Shatabdi ExpressNew Jalpaiguri5:35 AMNew Howrah Junction1:35 PM
12043New Delhi Ludhiana Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi7:00 AMLudhiana Junction12:25 PM
12044Ludhiana New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressLudhiana Junction4:40 PMNew Delhi10:10 PM
2001ABhopal Shatabdi ExpressBhopal Junction/BPL02:55PMNew Delhi/NDLS11:00PM
2002ABhopal Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi/NDLS06:15AMBhopal Junction/BPL02:20PM

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