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Train Name / Number

Trains from Uttar Pradesh

Train NumberTrain NameTrain Source StnSource Dep. TimeTrain Destination StnDest. Arr. Time
14228Lucknow Varanasi Varuna ExpressLucknow5:50 PMVaranasi11:20 PM
14235Varanasi Bareilly Express Varanasi11:45 PMBareilly1:50 PM
14236Bareilly Varanasi ExpressBareilly3:30 PMVaranasi6:50 AM
14257Varanasi New Delhi Kashi Vishwanath Express Varanasi1:45 PMNew Delhi6:10 AM
14260Varanasi Rameswaram ExpressVaranasi9:15 PMRameswaram1:15 AM
14265Varanasi Dehradun ExpressVaranasi Junction08:30 AMDehradun06:40 AM
14307Prayag Bareilly ExpressPrayag10:15 PMBareilly10:55 AM
14308Bareilly Prayag ExpressBareilly5:05 PMPrayag5:30 AM
14311Bareilly Bhuj Ala Hazarat ExpressBareilly6:25 AMBhuj2:00 PM
14314Bareilly Lokmanya Tilak (T) ExpressBareilly10:45 AMLokmanya Tilak (T)08:00 PM
14315Bareilly New Delhi ExpressBareilly4:55 AMNew Delhi10:05 AM
14321Bareilly Bhuj ExpressBareilly6:25 AMBhuj10:15 AM
14370Bareilly Singrauli Triveni ExpressBareilly12:00 PMSingrauli7:15 AM
144NRMailani Bareilly PassengerMailani/MLN02:00PMBareilly/BE06:25PM
14511Allahabad Saharanpur Nauchandi ExpressAllahabad Jn. 5:40 PMSaharanpur Jn.11:45 AM
14512Saharanpur Allahabad Nauchandi ExpressSaharanpur Jn.4:45 PMAllahabad Junction9:55 AM
14546Saharanpur Farukh Nagar ExpressSaharanpur Junction6:05 AMFarukh Nagar12:40 PM
14555Bareilly Delhi ExpressBareilly2:30 PMDelhi9:25 PM
14723Kanpur Central Bhiwani Kalindi ExpressKanpur Central5:05 PMBhiwani9:40 AM
14853Varanasi Jodhpur Marudhar Express (via Faizabad)Varanasi Junction5:20 PMJodhpur Junction5:00 PM
14863Varanasi Jodhpur Marudhar Express (via Sultanpur)Varanasi Junction6:15 PMJodhpur Junction5:00 PM
14865Varanasi Jodhpur Marudhar Express (via Rae Bareli)Varanasi Junction5:45 PMJodhpur Junction5:00 PM
15003Kanpur Anwarganj Gorakhpur Chauri Chaura ExpressKanpur Anwarganj4:45 PM Gorakhpur6:55 AM
15004Gorakhpur Kanpur Anwarganj Chauri Chaura ExpressGorakhpur10:30 PMKanpur Anwarganj 12:05 PM
15005Gorakhpur Dehradun Express Gorakhpur9:10 PMDehradun2:00 PM
15007Manduadih Lucknow Krishak ExpressManduadih4:40 PMLucknow5:50 AM
15008Lucknow Manduadih Krishak ExpressLucknow11:05 PMManduadih1:05 PM
15009Lucknow Jabalpur chitrakoot ExpressLucknow05:30 PMJabalpur7:20 AM
1501Chhapra LTT ExpressChhapra/CPR09:00PMChirmiri/CHRM11:20PM
15011Lucknow Chandigarh ExpressLucknow Jn.10:55 PMChandigarh Jn.2:50 PM
15015Gorakhpur Yesvantpur ExpressGorakhpur6:45 AMYesvantpur9:45 AM
15018Gorakhpur Lokmanya Tilak (T) ExpressGorakhpur5:30 AMLokmanya Tilak (T)6:40 PM
15019Gorakhpur Nautanua Express Gorakhpur11:30 AMNautanua2:00 PM
15020Nautanua Gorakhpur Express Nautanua2:40 PMGorakhpur4:40 PM
15022Gorakhpur Shalimar Express Gorakhpur1:35 PMShalimar10:05 AM
15023Gorakhpur Yesvantpur ExpressGorakhpur 8:45 AMYesvantpur11:15 AM
15028Gorakhpur Hatia Maurya Express Gorakhpur7:25 AMHatia8:10 AM
15037Kanpur Kasganj Express Kanpur Central10:45 AMKasganj4:30 PM
15038Kasganj Kanpur ExpressKasganj12:00 AMKanpur Central5:35 PM
15039Farrukhabad Kasganj ExpressFarrukhabad6:35 AMKasganj9:15 AM
15040Kasganj Farrukhabad ExpressKasganj8:45 AMFarrukhabad10:50 AM
15041Farrukhabad Kasganj ExpressFarrukhabad6:30 PMKasganj8:45 PM
15042Kasganj Farrukhabad ExpressKasganj6:55 PMFarrukhabad9:20 PM
15045Gorakhpur Okha ExpressGorakhpur04:10 AMOkha4:20 AM
15048Gorakhpur Kolkata Purvanchal Express Gorakhpur11:30 AM Kolkata4:25 AM
15050Gorakhpur Kolkata Express Gorakhpur8:00 AM Kolkata4:25 AM
15052Gorakhpur Kolkata Express Gorakhpur10:10 AM Kolkata4:25 AM
15103Gorakhpur Manduadih ExpressGorakhpur4:00 PMManduadih9:45 PM
15104Manduadih Gorakhpur ExpressManduadih 5:25 AMGorakhpur11:10 AM
15106Gorakhpur Chhapra Intercity ExpressGorakhpur5:00 PMChhapra9:15 PM

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