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The Budaun is an ancient city in India. This is holy land of Sufi's & Saint's. It is situated near holy river Ganga at Lattitude 28 Degree 02 Minute 30 Second East & Longitude 79 Degree 01 Minute 20 Second north on Globe.

District Bijnor at a glance
Total Area of District 51,680 Sq. Km.
Male 13,52,740
Female 10,95,590
Total 24,48,340
Rural 20,17,030
Urban 4,31,310
Scheduled Caste 4,24,570
Scheduled Tribes 30
Male 3,67,150
Female 1,09,330
Total 4,76,480
Administrative Set up
Tehsils 6
Blocks 18
Nyaye Panchayat 164
Gram Sabhas 1064
Total Villages 2081
Populated Villages 1780
De-Populated Villages 301
Municipal Board 6
Town Area 17
Police Stations
Police Stations 24
Bus Stations/Bus Stops
Bus Stations/Bus Stops 191
Railway Stations/Halts 18
Railway Line
Meter Guage 48 Km.
Broad Guage 57 Km.
Post Office
Rural Post Office 281
Urban Post Office 38
Telegraph Office 7
Commercial Banks
Nationalised Banks 63
Other Banks 12
Kisan Gramin Bank 58
Co-operative Banks
Co-operative Bank 23
Co-operative Agri. & Vill. Dev.
Bank 9
Fair Price Shops
Rural 1335
Urban 143
Cold Storage 50
Govt. Tubewells 1155
Personal Pump Sets/Tube Wells 88057
Junior Basic Schools 1579
Senior basic Schools 312
Higher Secondary Schools 57
Degree Colleges 4
Universities 0
Industrial Technical Institute 1
Government Technical Institute 1
Allopathic 36
Ayurvedic 27
Homeopathic 9
Unani 7
P.H.C. 42
T.B. 1
Leprosy 1
Veterinary Hospitals 30
Total Roads 1394 Km.
P.W.D. Roads 1236 Km.
Electrified Villages (Year 1997-98) 1464
Electrified Municipal Boards & Town Areas 23
Cinema Halls
Cinema Halls 11

District Bulandshahar

The District of bulandshahr is in Meerut region of Utter Pradesh located between Ganga and Yamuna rivers. This is situated between 28.4 0 south and 28.0 0 north latitude and between 77.0 0 and 78.0 0 longitude. The District is about 84 km in length and 62 km is breadth. The district is 237.44 meters above sea level. The river ganga is the east separates this District from Moradabad and Badaun district and in the west river Yamuna separates the district from haryana state and Delhi. In the north of district is Ghaziabad and in southeast are the borders of Aligarh district. The geographical area of the district is 4353 sq km which is about 1.48 percent of the total Uttar Pradesh area. The urban area of the district is 122.8 sq km and rural area as 4230.2 sq km. This district is near to Delhi and is in national capital region. The nuclear atomic power plant is located at Narora town of the district. Near Sikandrabad town is located the national level satellite earth station. This is also an important grain producing agriculture District. Administratively the district is divided in to seven sub divisions Dibai, Anoopshahr, Khurja, Shikarpur, Siyana, Bulandshahar and Sikandrabad for development purposes there are fifteen development blocks Bulandshahar, Gulaothi, Lakhaowati, Shikarpur, Khurja, Pahasu, Arniya, Sikandrabad, Anoopshahr, Dibai, Danpur, Siyana, B.B.nagar, Jahagirabad and Uncha Gaon blocks.


Bulandshahar is an important agricultural district. It has undergone Green Revolution. Sugarcane, Wheat, Maize and Potato grows in abundance. State Govt. has declare fruit belt in Syana area. Mango Archads are located in the area. White revolution in the form of milk production is an important activity in the district.


Bulandshahar is an industrially developing district. Khurja town is a city of potteries, where there are more than five hundred potteries. Potteries of Khurja have earned reputation at national and international markets. Sikandrabad Industrial area is an another such region where several big industries such as Kajaria tiles, Orient Ceramics, JP Gold Paints, PAM Pharmaceuticals etc. companies are located. In Bulandshahar there is Panni Nagar Mill, Co-operative Sugar Mill Jahahgirabad, Agauta Sugar and Chemical factory are established. There is a disttelary in Jahangirabad Sugar Mill. In village Chola is located the Bibcol factory for manufacturing polio vaccines with russian colloboration.

Places of Interest

There are several religious places in the district. On Ganga river Naroura, Rajghat, Karnavas, Anoopshahr, Ahar and Gajroula are famous centres for religious bathings and temples.


In the time of mahabharat this was the place of great king Karna where he used to donate 50 kg of gold everyday. Here is located the famous temple of godess kalyani.


On the bank of river Ganga is situated the famous temple of goddess Avantika & another one temple of Shiv.


The famous temple of goddess belon is situated here.


An old town famous for pilgrimages situated on the river Ganga. Several religious bathings and festivals are organised all the year round.


On the bank of Ganga, several temples are located here. The special temple of lord Hanuman which has 40 feet high statue of monkey god.


Scenic place in Bulandshahr on the local river Van Chetna Kendra ( forest life conciousness) centre is located here managed by government forest department.


World fame nuclear power plant is located here. A barrage is made on river Ganga from where several canals originate. A good picnic spot and a big park is located here. It is 65 km from Bulandshahr.


17 km from Bulandshahr on GT road towards Aligarh known as pottery town.


Bibcol , the polio vaccine factory with russian colloboration is situated here.


The industrial area of district Bulandshahr is located here which is 18 km from Bulandshahr towards Delhi on main GT Road. Various textile, paint, pharmaceutical, cement, steel, electronic industries are located here.

The District Chandauli

The District Chandauli is located in 24° 56' to 25° 35' north and 81° 14' to 84° 24' east at a distance of about 30 kms east-south-east of Varanasi. Chandauli is bounded on east by Bihar State, on the north-north-east of Ghazipur District, south of Sonebhadra District, southeast of Bihar and southwest Mirzapur. Karmanasa river is the dividing line from Bihar State. Ganga, Karmanasa and Chandraprabha rivers form the geographical and economic strategy of the district.

District Chandauli at a glance
Tehsils(3) Chandauli
Blocks(9) Barahani
Rivers Ganga
  Chandraprabha and others
Dams Naugarh
Canals Chandraprabha
  Narayanpur Lift Canal
Crops Paddy

Places of Interest




Karmasha Waterfall and others





Latifshah and others

Dhanapur Martyr Memorial

Baba Kinaram Sacred Place

Chakiya Kali Mandir

Baba Latifshah

How to reach

By Air

The nearest airport is Babatpur in Varanasi which is around 40 kms away from Mughal Sarai. There is a direct, daily flight connection from Varanasi and New Delhi. It also connects to Delhi, Agra, Khajuraho, Calcutta, Mumbai, Lucknow and Bhuvaneshwar.

By Train

Mughal Sarai is the important and major railway station. Chandauli is served by trains from all metros and major cities across the country. Varanasi is 16 km away from Mughal Sarai Station.