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This district is located between 26 degree & 28 degree north lattitude and 83 degree & 85 degree east longitude out of which district Kushinagar was created in 1994 by taking north & east portion of Deoria district. District deoria is surrounded by district kushinagar in north, district Gopalganj & Siwan(Bihar state)in east, district Mau & district Ballia in south and district Gorakhpur in West. District headquarter is situated at 50 km from Gorakhpur on Gorakhpur-Siwan broadgauge railway line towards Siwan. Ghaghara, Rapti & Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in this district. Besides these gorra, bathua, kurna, majhne, nakta are small river/nala which originate from above mentioned rivers. Climate of the district is very hot in May & June and December & January months of the year are cold. Productive & densely populated this district of uttar pradesh is situated at the northeast end of the state.

Places of Interest

Shahid Samarak (Ramlila Maidan, Deoria)

Ramlila Maidan of Deoria is one of the freedom-fight places where a student of class 8th of Basantpur- dhoosi, RamChandra Vidrarthi, was shot dead on Aug'14' 1942 during freedom- fight struggle.

Hanuman Mandir, Deoria

Hanuman Mandir is located at RaghavNagar,Deoria & is one of the 'siddh' places of Deoria. A large no. of followers can be seen on each Tuesday.

Somnath Mandir, Deoria

A 'Shiv Mandir' located at kasia road, north of railway line, Deoria.

Deorahi Mandir, Deoria

A 'Durga Mandir' is located at kasia road near Somnath Mandir.

Dugdheswar Mandir, Rudrapur

Dugdheswar Mandir is on the main pilgrim's of the northeast. It is one of the old historical 'Shiv ' temples situated at approx. 2 km. north of Rudrapur town.

Dirgheshwar Mandir, Majouliraj

An old historical 'Shiv Mandir' situated at Majouliraj town is called to be worship place of 'Guru Dronacharya' of Mahabharat.

Parshuram Dham, Sohnag

A place of cultural & historical importance.


A place of cultural & historical importance 'Kushinagar' is located at 34 km away from Deoria district headquarter at Kasia road. Kushinagar is currently situated in Kushinagar(Padrauna ) District. This place was kingdom of Kush (elder son of Ram) and world famous as 'Parnirvan Sthal of Lord 'Budha'.

Chauri Chaura

Chauri Chaura is located at 26 km away from Deoria district headquarter at Gorakhpur -road. This place is situated in Gorakhpur district now

Fazilnagar (Pawanagar)

As believed, 24th 'tirthankar' Lord Mahavir Swami received 'Parinirvan' here at 543 B.C. This place is currently located at Kushinagar District

District Deoria at a glance
Population ( In '000 1991)
Male 1105.28
Female 1099.59
Total 2204.87
Rural 1987.51
Urban 217.36
SC 327.98
ST .19
Literacy ( In '000 1991)
Total 735.48
Male 530.50
Female 204.98
Area 2527.2 sq km
Bus Station/Stop (1997-98) 142
Railway Station (1997-98) 19
Post Offices (1997-98)
Urban 18
Rural 258
Telegraph office (1997-98) 21
Phone Connection(1997-98) 5901
Banks (1997-98)
Nationalizes Banks 50
Gramin Bank 59
Cooperative Banks 18
Ration Shops
Rural 1272
Urban 136
Bio Gas Plant 150
Cold Storage 2
Total Canal Length (1997-98) 401 km
Total Pitch Road 1996-97 1666
Electricity (1997-98)
Electrified Villages 1406
Electrified Nagar 10
Water Supply by India Mar-2 handpumps (1997-98)
Nagar 10
Tehsils 5
Blocks 15
Nayaya Panchayat 177
Gram Sabha 1026
Villages 1991 2172
Populated 2004
Depopulated 168
Forest Villages 0
Nagar Nigam (1997-98) 0
Nagar Palika Parishad 2
Nagar Panchayat 8
Police Stations
Rural 9
Urban 9
Govt.Tubewell (1997-98) 841
Total Animal 1993 798121
Vetenary Hospital(1997-98) 25
Industrial Training Institutes 2
Polytechni 1
Allopathic 8
Primary Health
Sub-Centres 318
Centres 20
Net Deposit in national saving Rs. 4539.58 Lacs
District Sector Plan Expenditure Rs. 270234 Thousand