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Etah is a district of Agra Division of Uttar Pradesh and is bounded on the north by the Badaun district, on the west by district of Aligarh, Hathras, Mathura and Agra, on the south by Mainpuri and Firozabad, on the east by Farrukhabad. The district lies between the parallels of 27o 18' and 28o 2' north latitude and 78o 11' and 79o 17' east longitude.

District Etah at a Glance
Area 4446 sq km
Population (Census - 1991) 2244998
Administrative Set up
Tehsils 6
Blocks 15
Nyay Panchayats 149
Gram Sabha 905
Populated 1507
Non-Populated 103
Nagar Panchyat 12
Nagar Palika Parishad 7
Police Stations
Rural 11
Urban 17
Bus Station 173
Railway Station 21
Length of Railway Line 147 km
Post Offices
Rural 284
Urban 27
Branch of Nationakised Banks 52
Kshetriya Gramin Banks 58
Co-operative Banks 21
Fair Price Shop
Rural 1155
Urban 154
Bio-Gas 1736
Cold Storage 15
Rain Fall Normal (in mm) 722
Length of Canal 1121 km
Govt. Tubewells 657
Private Tubewells & Pump Sets 77018
No. of Electrified Villages 1155
Electrified Town Areas 12
Registered Industries 28
Small Scale Industries 8399
Junior Basic Schools 2310
Senior Basic Schools 619
Higher Secondary Schools 161
Degree Colleges 9
I.T.I. 2
Polytechnic 1
Allopatic Hospitals/Dispensaries 23
Ayurvedic Hospitals/Dispensaries 22
Homeopathic Hospitals/Dispensaries 16
Primary Health Centres 61
T.B. Hospital 1
Vetenary Hospitals 24
Cinema Halls 15
No of seats in Cinema Halls 9424

Patna Bird Sanctuary

Patna situated in the Jalesar tehsil of Etah district in U.P. was declared a full fledged sanctuary in 1990. The average year round temperature varies from 47o C in peak summers to 4o C in winters. After the abundant Indian monsoons fills the lake to its brim comes the best season to visit Patna, winter. Close to 200 different species of birds can be sighted during this time of the year.

District Etawah

The district of Etawah lies in the southwestern portion of Uttar Pradesh 26° 47" north latitude and 72° 20" east longitude and forms a part of the Kanpur Division. In shape it is a parallelogram with a length from north to south 70 km. and east to west 66 km on one side and 24 km on the other side. It is bounded on the north by the districts of Farrukhabad and Mainpuri, while the small extent of western border adjoins tehsil Bah of the Agra district. The eastern frontier marches with the district of Auraiya, and along the south lie Jalaun and the district of Gwalior, the division line being, except for a short distance, the Chambal and Yamuna rivers. The total area in 1999 is calculated to be 2434 km.