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The present district of Gorakhpur, 265 km east of capital Lucknow, on National Highway -28 lies between latitude 26° 46' N and longitude 83° 22' E, covers the geographical area of 3483.8 Sq. km. It is bounded by districts Mahrajganj in the north, Ambedkar Nagar, Azamgarh and Mau in the south, Kushinagar and Deoria in the east and Sant Kabirnagar in the west.

Distance from Gorahpur to :
Agra 546 km
Ahmedabad 1738 km
Bangalore 2082 km
Cochin 2833 km
Guwahati 1256 km
Howrah 870 km
Jammu 1260 km
Lucknow 270 km
Mumbai 1696 km
Nepal Border 90 km
Patna 260 km
Varanasi 232 km

Places of Interest in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur has been the land of ancient glory and medieval mysticism. It is endowed with magnificent monuments / temples of attraction.

Gorakhnath Temple

Gorakhnath temple is 4 km from Gorakhpur Railway Station on Nepal Road dedicated to great yogi Gorakhnath. It is one of the most prominent and magnificent temples of this area. A month-long 'Makar Sankranti Mela' is held every year commencing on 14th of january. Several Lakhsof pilgrims and tourists visit the temple especially during the Mela.

Vishnu Temple

The famous temple associated with a large statue of Lord Vishnu, made of Kasauti (Black) stone, belongs to the Pal dynasty of 12th Century A.D. Ram lila is organised here on the Dusshera festival. The procession is so grand that it fetches the tourist to visit in the season.

Geeta Vatika

Geeta Vatika is situated on Pipraich road, 3 km. from Railway station., is probably the only place where non-stop 24 hours prayers are offered for goddess 'Radha' the divine love of Lord Krishna. Grand temple of lord Radha - Krishna is the centre of attraction.

Arogya Mandir

Established by Late Bitthal Das Modi in 1940, it is being visited for Naturopathy. The patients are given natural treatment. Beautiful building and its green lustre premises are also worth seeing.


Built by Hajrat saint Roshan Ali Shah in 1717 AD. It is famous for gold and silver Tajia. A Dhuni (smoke fire) is maintained continuously after sufi saint death.

Ramgarh Taal

Ramgarh Tal is a huge and natural lake spread in 1700 acres. Its beauty is attributed with Tara Mandal at its southern bank. Other attractions of this place are Water Sports Complex, Buddha Museum, Planetarium, Tourist Bunglow, Champa Vihar Park and Circuit House.

Gita Press

Gita Press is 4 km from Railway Station on Reti Chowk. All 18 parts of "Shree Mahabhagwat Gita" is written on marble walls. Other wall hangings and paintings reveal the events of life of Lord Rama & Krishna. All sorts of Hindu religious books and handloom textiles are sold here on subsidised rates.

Places of Interest around Gorakhpur

In eastern U.P., Gorakhpur is the place of cultural importance as the 'Cradle of Buddhism'.


51 km east of Gorakhpur on National Highway no.28, Kushinagar is an international tourist place closely associated with legend Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism. It is one of the four sacred places of Lord Buddha. Buddha delivered his last sermon, attained Mahaparinirvana (salvation) in 483 BC and was cremated at Rambhar Stupa. The reclining nirvana statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple is 6.10 mt. long and is made of monolith red-sand stone of the 5th century A.D. It represents the 'Dieing-Buddha' reclining on his right side with his face towards the west. Being the death place of Lord Buddha, it is holy place for pilgrimage. Indo-Japanese Temple, Burmeses Temple, chinese Temple, Thai Temple, Korean, SriLankan, Tibettan temples, 15 Acres Meditation Park, Museum are the other attractions at Kushinagar.


Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha, situated across the border in Nepal, 124 km north west of Gorakhpur. Here stands the Ashoka Pillar which bears the inscriptions 'The shakyamuni born here ' in Prakrit language, commemorating the emperor's visit to this place in the 20th year his coronation.Temple of Lord Buddha's mother, Mahamaya, is of importance. New monastries of different countries are coming up.


97 km north of Gorakhpur, on the state highway-1A, Kapilvastu is now being developed as an International Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre. Here, Lord Buddha spent 29 years of his early life. There is big stupa, from where the relics of Buddha were discovered during excavations. Ruins of monastries & palaces can be seen at Ganvaria. Also, there are some other historical religious places of worship, the shivling, Narahi, Kubernath and Palta Devi are temples of attraction. Narahi temple is dedicated to Surya, the Sun god and built on the pattern of Konark Style Chauri Chaura (Shaheed Smarak) 25 km from Gorakhpur, it is the place of historical importance. Here was the famous chauri-chaura incidence of the 4th Feb.1922 took place. Shaheed Smarak, Park and Museaum are of great attractions.


Situated on National Highway -28, it is 27 km west of Gorakhpur in District Sant Kabir Nagar. It is the death place of great saint and social reformer of the medieval ages, sant Kabir Dass. The 'Mazaar' and 'Samadhi Sthal' of Kabir Das stand side by side as a living symbol of communal harmony. On Makar Sankranti, a five-days festival of communal harmony is held here every year.

Pawa nagar

It is a 'Nirvana' place of Lord Mahavir, 24th tirthankar, 72 km. away, east of Gorakhpur on the National Highway -28 . Followers of Jain sect organise a festival here on the next day of Deepawali every year, when lord Mahavir hasd attained salvation.

Tarkulha Devi

Tarkulha Devi, the local deity is closely associated with the great freedom fighter Bandhu Singh. A one-month long mela is held every year on the occasion of 'Chaitra Ram Navami'.

District Gorakhpur at a glance
Area 3483.8 sq km
Population (2001)
Total Population 3769456
Males 1923197 ( 51.02% )
Females 1846259 ( 48.98% )
Rural 3030865 ( 80.40% )
Urban 738591 ( 19.60% )
SC 831070 ( 22.04% )
ST 898 ( 0.02% )
Population Density 1140 (Persons /Sq. Km.)
Growth of Population (1991 - 2001) 23.44%
Sex Ratio 959
Total 1055582 ( 43.3% )
Male 769464 ( 60.6% )
Female 286118 (24.4% )
Administrative Set up
Tehsil 7
Block 19
Nyay Panchayat 191
Gram Sabha 1234
Forest village 4
Total Villages 3319
Town Area 7
Nagar Nigam 1
Police Station 26
Agriculture (In hectares)
Gross Area 336223
Net Sown Area 260439
Area Sown more than once 127012
Area under Rabi 201774
Area under Kharif 178013
Area under Jayad 7395
Forest Area 5905
Gross Irrigated Area 214796
Net Irrigated Area 195049
University 1
Engineering College 1
Medical College 1
Degree College 26
Polytechnic 3
I.T.I. 6
Primary School 2337
Senior Basic school 595
Higher Sec./High
School 169
Allopathic Hospital 52
Ayurvedic Hospital 39
Homeopathic Hospital 28
Unani Hospital 02
Primary Health Centre 78
Vetrenary Hospital 47
Family & Child Welfare Centre 102
Domestic 26.30%
Commercial 21.14%
Industrial 17.58%
Agricultural 25.98%
Public Light 6.46%
Public water and Jalkal 2.54%
Fair Price Shops
Rural 1764
Urban 304
Agricultural Marketing Societies 4
Electrified Villages 2010
Nationalised Banks 118
Gramin Banks 60
Sahkari Banks 33
Railway Station 20
Bus Station/ Bus Stop 117
Post Offices
Rural 332
Urban 63
Rural 798
Urban 2163
Telephone Connections
Rural 10793
Urban 48410