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Before 11 Feb 1995 Mahoba was the tehsil of District Hamirpur. The then Chief Minister Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav declared Mahoba as a district on 11 Feb, 1995. From then Mahoba has moved forward leaps and bounds on the Social, Cultural and individual front. Mahoba (25"18'N. 79"53'E.) is one of the few cities in Uttar Pradesh that has played a leading role in the annals of Rajputs. Mahoba is situated at the foot of a low granite hill called Gorakh-giri or 'Gokhar', an off shoot of the Vindhyas. It lies nearly 55 km to the north of khajuraho, the temple- city of the Chandellas, and about 109 km distance to the northeast of their celeberated fort at Kalinjar. Mahoba Railway station on the Jhansi-Manikpur section of the central Railway also serves as the nearest railhead for Khajuraho. Mahoba is rich in lakes, surroundings granite

How to reach

By Air

Nearest Airport is at Khajuraho which is 63 km away.

By Train

Mahoba is connected by broad guage railway lines. 1107/1108 Bundelkhand Exp (Gwalior-Varanasi);1449/1450 Mahakaushal Exp (Delhi-Jabalpur);1069/1070 Chambel exp.

By Road

Mahoba is connected by road with all major cities. State highway No. 44 also passes through Mahoba.

Places of Interest in Mahoba

Shiv Tandav

A rare statue of block granite stone in the dancing pose of Lord Shiva.

Jain Tirthkar
A worship place of Jaina sects.

Khakraha math

Sculpture of Chandella's period on the Khajuraho theme situated at Madan Sagar lake like a island where life size statues of eight elephants are standing since ancient times. A place worth visiting.

Urmil Dam
It has a scenic beauty.

Chandika Devi Temple

Single stone carved statue of ancient times religiously acknowledged place.

Sun Temple

This Sun Temple is also has beautiful Sculptures like Sun Temple of Konarka in Orissa.

Sri Nagar

This is famous for brass works and antiques.

Bea tal Forming

This is unique and self styled cultivation called bareja.

Alha & Udal Chowk

City centres with huge statues.

Gokhar Parvat
A landscapen panoramic range of hills.

Charkhari Estate

A symbol of Bundelkhand riyasat, forts, Palaces & temples surrounded by many lakes.

Bela Tal

It has many lakes in surroundings and best suited for water sports.

Kakramath Temple

This well-preserved granite temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located at the Madan Sagar, Its basic plan is similar to the temples of Khajuraho. The Madan Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu stands nearby.

Vijay Sagar Pakshi Vihar

5 km from town, this picturesque bird sanctuary has been developed on the shores of Vijay-Sagar, built by Vijay Pal Chandela (1035-1060 AD).

Sun Temple at Rahila Sagar

This 9th century granite Sun Temple lies to the west of Rahila Sagar, built by Chandela ruler Rahila who ruled between 890 and 910 AD. Though in a ruined state today, it still stands as the finest example of early Pratihara architecture in the area.

Around Mahoba


World-famous temples built between 950 AD and 1050 AD by the Chandellas are located 63 km away. Only 25 temples survive, but they are masterpieces of architecture. Dedicated to the Lord Shiva, these temples celebrate the human form and man's spiritual and physical aspects.


Famous for its mighty fort, which was of great importance between the 9th and 15th centuries are 109 km away. Among the remains within the fort is Raja Aman Singh Palace which is being converted into a museum to house the fine and rare sculptures found at the site. Other places of interest within the fort include the Neelkantha Temple, Sita Sej, Patal Ganga, Pandu Kund, Koti Tirth and Bhairon Ki Jharia.


Celebrated in ballads and the scriptures for its natural beauty and closely associated with the epic Ramayana, Chitrakoot is a ballowed centre of piligrimage. It is located 127 km away from Mahoba. Lord Rama and Sita are believed to have spent their 14-year exile here. The town is situated on the banks of the river Mandakini, the ghats of which are lined with numerous temples.


In Bundelkhand region, Jhansi is the principal town, any mention of which revives memories of that heroic young Rani Lakshmi Bai, who during the turbulent days of 1857-58 led her forces into battle against British imperialism with sword in hand and breathing defiance. This walled city was founded by Raja Bir Singh Deo who built its fort on a rocky hill in 1613 AD. Area around Jhansi is studded with the remains of numerous Vaishnava, Shaiva and Jain temples, a few of which date as far back as Gupta times, some belong to the post-gupta period (many being attributed to the Gonds) and a large number to Chandella times. The most outstanding of the gupta period temple is the Vishnu temple of Deogarh which was built of large blocks of dressed stone, red in colour. The monuments belonging to the post-gupta period are some rock sculptures including the Saptamatrika (Seven Mothers), the ruined temple of Varaha and the great Jain Temple. The most important temples built during the times of the Chandellas are at Deogarh, Chandpur, Dudhi, Madanpur, Bar, Banpur, Siron, Budhni, Barwa Sagar, Sakrar, Pachwara, Khisni Khurd and Bangawan.

Distance from Mahoba to :
Chitrakoot 127 Km
Kanpur 150 Km
Jhansi 147 Km
Allahabad 242 Km
Lucknow 227 Km
District Mahoba at a glance :
Area 3038 sq km
Total 7,08,831
Men 3,79,79,5
Women 3,29,036
Administrative Set up  
Tehsil 3
Blocks 4
Gram Sabha 247
Villages 521
Nagar Palika 2
Nagar Chhatra Samiti 3
Police Station 14
Rural 9
Urban 5
Bus Station/Bus Stop 52
Railway Station (with halt) 7
Post office 85
Nationalised Bank Branch 17

District Mainpurit

Mainpuri is a district of Agra Division, Uttar Pradesh, India, is bounded on the north by Etah district, on the east by district Farrukhabad and Kannauj, on the south by district Etawah and on west by the District Firozabad and Etah. It lies between North Latitude 260 53' to 270 31' and East Longitude 780 27' to 790 26'.

District Mainpuri at a Glance :
Area 2745 sq km
Population ( Census-1991 ) 1311492
Administrative Set up  
Tehsils 3
Blocks 9
Nyay-Panchayats 80
Gram-Sabhas 503
Nagar Panchayat 8
Nagar Palika Parishad 1
Populated 821
Non - Populated 35
Police Station  
Rural 6
Urban 7
Bus Station and Bus Stop 87
Railway Station 7
Length of Railway Line Broad Guage 53 km
Post Offices  
Rural 155
Urban 21
Nationalised Banks 28
Kshetriya Kishan Gramin Banks Branches 41
Co-operative Banks Branches 10
Fair Price Shop  
Rural 623
Urban 110
Bio-Gas 2957
Cold Storage 17
Length of Canal 1014 km
Govt. Tubewells 335
Private Tubewells & Pump Sets 66047
Registered Industries 94
Small Scale Industries 3147
Junior Basic School 1365
Senior Basic School 355
Higher Secondary Schools 76
Degree Colleges 4
I.T.I 1
Polytechnic 1
Allopathic Hospitals/Dispensaries 13
Ayurvedic Hospitals/Dispensaries 23
Homeopathic Hospitals/Dispensaries 13
Primary Health Centres 45
T.B. Hospital 1
Vetenary Hospitals 17
No. of Electrified Villages 720
Electrified Town Areas 9
Cinema Halls 9
No. of Seats in Cinema Halls 5836