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District Raibareilley at a Glance
Geographical Area 1991 4609 sq km
Population (In '000 1991)
Male 1203.15
Female 1119.66
Total 2322.81
Rural 2112.90
Urban 209.91
Schedule Cast 693.57
Schedule Tribes 1.48
Literacy (In '000 1991)
Total 704.00
Male 516.36
Female 188.35
Administrative Set up (2002)
Tehsils 7
Development Blocks 21
Nyay Panchayat 180
Gram Sabha 965
No. of Village (1991)
Habitated Village 1733
Inhabitated Village 43
Total 1776
Town and Cities 1991 9
Nagar Palika
Parishad 2002 2
Nagar Panchayat 2002 7
Police Station 2002
Rural 13
Urban 9
Bus Station/Bus Stop 159
Railway Station/Halt 25
Length of Railway Line (2001-02)
Broad Guage 176 km
Post Office (2002)
Urban 22
Rural 423
Telegraph Office 2002 14
Telephone Connections 2002 25877
Commercial Branches (2002)
Nationalised Banks 56
Others 1
Rural Bank Branches 74
Co-operative Bank Branches 32
Co-operative Agriculture and Village Development Branches 7
Fair Price Shops
Rural 902
Urban 115
Bio-gas Plants 7694
Cold Storage 20
Agriculture (2000-01)
Net Sown Area 292 ('000 hectares)
Net Irrigated Area 245 ('000 hectares)
Gross Irrigated Area 347 ('000 hectares)
Agriculture Production (2000-01)
Food Grains 651 ('000 M.Ton)
Sugarcane 215 ('000 M.Ton)
Tilhan 7 ('000 M.Ton)
Potato 80 ('000 M.Ton)
Irrigation (2000-01)
Length of Canal 2755 km
Government Tubewell 388
Personal Tubewells and Pump Sets 71912
Animal Husbandry (2000-01)
Total Live Stock 1997 1551470
Veterinary Hospital 37
Live Stock Service Centre 57
Artificial Breeding Centre 84
Co-operative (2000-01)
Primary Co-operative Agriculture Loan Societies 185
Members of Societies 379000
Industry (2000-01)
No. of Running Factories Registered under the Industrial Act 1948(1989-90) 94
Small Scale Industries 10064
Workers 6739
Education (2000-01)
Junior Basic Schools 1908
Senior Basic Schools 399
Higher Secondary Schools 142
Degree Colleges 8
Industrial Training Institute 6
Polytechnic 1
Hospitals (2000-01)
Allopathic 34
Ayurvedic 54
Homeopathic 50
Unani 6
Primary Health Centre 72
Family Welfare Centre 17
Family Wefare Sub-Centre 379
Special Hospitals
Tuberculosis 1
Leprosy 1
Communicable Diseases 1
Length of Metal Road 2771 km
Total Length of Road constructed by PWD 1851 km
Electricity (2000-01)
Total Electrified Villages 1732
Total Electrified Towns/Cities 9
Electrified Scedule Cast localities 3007
Area covered under water supply using taps/ handpumps of India Mark-2(2000-01) Village 1733
Towns/City 9
Entertainment (2000-01)
Cinema Halls 12
Total No. of seats in Halls 7563

Places of Interest

Samaspur Bird Santuary

Samaspur Bird Santuary is situated in Rohaniya Development block of the district, about 122 km from Lucknow on Lucknow-Varanasi highway. It was established in 1987 on a total area of about 799.371 hectare. Nearest railway station is Unchahar and the nearest airport is Fursatganj, Raebareli. The best period of visit is from November to March. More than 250 varieties of birds can be seen here.Some of the birds come here from a distance of 5000 km which include Greleg Googe, Pin Tail, Common Teel, Vision, Showler, Surkhab etc. Local birds include Comb Duck, Whistling Teel, Spot Bill, Spoon Bill, King Fisher, Vulture etc. Twelve varieties of fish are there in the lake at Samaspur.


Dalmau is situated on the banks of Holy Ganga and is famous since ancient times. It has been the Historical town of the district. Prominent places at Dalmau are King Dal's fort, Bara Math, Mahesh Giri Math, Nirala Memorial Institute, A well constructed by Ebrahim Sharki, Palace of Nawab Shuza-ud-daula, Baithak of Alhaa Udal, Dalmau Pump canal etc.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Botanical Garden

Indira Gandhi Memorial Botanical Garden was established in the year 1986 in order to restore the ecological balance. The garden is situated on the left side of Lucknow-Varanasi highway. This garden is situated on the northern bank of sai river. In the west of the garden Raebareli- Allahabad railway Line is running which is parallel to Lucknow- Varanasi highway. Total proposed area of the park is 57 hectare, out of which 10 hectare have been developed till now and it is growing day by day. The purpose of garden is not merely to make it a place for growing flowers, fruits or vegetables but also an educational installation for scientists, reaserch workers/ students and general public for awakening interest in plant life. Medicinal plant trails (consist of 114 plants of 23 medicinal species such as Azadirachta indica 'Neem', Jatropha curcas 'Jamalghota', Datura metel 'Dhatura', Nerium Oleander 'Kaner' etc.), Cultural plant trails (consist of 156 plants of 16 species such as Aegal Marmel 'Bel', Ficus Religiosa 'Pipal'),, Economic Plant trails (consist of 60 plants of 12 species),, Bulbous garden (consisting of Caina, Jaiferenthus, Rajnigandha, Haimanthos, Nargis, Gladuolos & Haemoroucoulis etc.) Rock garden, Rose garden, Seasonal plant garden, Aquatic garden and a Green house are included in the Botanical garden.

Behta Bridge

This Bridge is situated in the outskirts of the Raebareli city. The important thing of this Bridge is that at this place Sharda canal crosses the Sai river. An aqueduct has been constructed and the canal flows in the duct.


Jais is an ancient city of the district. Once upon a time it was the capital of King Udyan. Malik Mohammad Jaisi, a great poet belonged to this place. In his memory "Jaisi Samrak" has been constructed there.