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The district is irregular in shape but fairly compact. It forms a part of the lucknow Division and lies between Latitude 25° 49' North and 26° 36' North and Longitude 100° 41' East and 81° 34' East. On the north it is bounded by tehsil Mohanlal Ganj of district Lucknow and tehsil Haider Garh of district Barabanki, on the east by tehsil Mussafir Khana of district Sultanpur and on the southeast by pargana Ateha and the Kunda tehsil of district Pratapgarh. The southern boundary is formed by the Ganga which separates it from the district of Fatehpur. On the west lies the purwa tehsil of district Unnao. Acoording to the 1991 census the area of the district was 4,609 sq. km. The area is liable to vary every year by reason of the action of the Ganga, for a small variation in the deep stream of the river makes a very noticable change in the area of the district, which occupies the thirty fourth place in size among the districts of the State. The height from sea level is 192 Meter in north and 166.4 m in South. Situated on the national highway 24, the state capital is 302 km in East and national capital is 185 km in West. It is well connected by Railways & Roadways.

Places of Interest

Raza Library

A famous library in Asia is a rich treasure house for knowledge and arts. The library contains a collection of 51 thousands published books, 15,028 historical manuscripts and 900 short picture Arts and other historical documents, paintings and books. The most valuable is "Kuran Majeed" written on leather in 7th centuary. The Rampur Raza Library is a treasure house of Indo Islamic learning and Art, founded by Nawab Faizullah Khan in 1774 AD. His descendants continued to enrich the collection after the attainment of independence and merger of Rampur State in the union of India, the library was brought under the management of trust till the Govt. of India took over the library on 1st July 1975 under the act of parliament and declared it as an institution of National importance. Its affairs are managed by the Rampur Raza Library Board whose Chairman is H.E Governor of U.P.

District Rampur at a glance
Geographical Area 1991 2367 sq km
Population (In '000 1991)
Male 808.42
Female 693.72
Total 1502.14
Rural 1109.43
Urban 392.72
Schedule Cast 195.14
Schedule Tribes .05
No. of Literates (In '000 1991)
Total 297.00
Male 215.68
Female 81.91
Administrative set up (2002-2003)
No. of Tehsils 5
Development Blocks 6
Nyay Panchayat 75
Gram Panchayat 580
No. of Village (2002-2003)
Habitated Village 1097
Inhabitated Village 55
Forest Village 1
Total 1153
Town and Cities 8
Nagar Palika Parishad 5
Nagar Panchayat 3
Police Station (2002-2003)
Rural 6
Urban 9
Bus Station/Bus Stop (2002-2003) 102
Railway Station/Halt (2002-2003) 9
Length of Railway Line (2002-2003)
Broad Guage 74 km
Post Office (2002-2003)
Urban 23
Rural 108
Telegraph Office (2002-2003) 16
Telephone Connections (2001-2002) 28076
Commercial Branches (2002-2003)
Nationalised Banks Rural 30
Nationalised Banks Urban 30
Rural Bank Branches 39
Co-operative Bank Branches 21
Co-operative Agriculture and Village Development Branches 6
Fair Price Shops (2002-2003)
Rural 538
Urban 196
Bio-gas Plants 3375
Cold Storage 6
Agriculture (2000-01)
Net Sown Area 192 ('000 hectares)
Net Irrigated Area 181 ('000 hectares)
Gross Irrigated Area 332 ('000 hectares)
Agriculture Production (2000-01)
Food Grains 803 ('000 M.Ton)
Sugarcane 1234 ('000 M.Ton)
Tilhan 46 ('000 M.Ton)
Potato 43 ('000 M.Ton)
Irrigation (2000-01)
Length of Canal 800 km
Government Tubewell 327
Personal Tubewells and Pump Sets 50479
Animal Husbandry (2002-03)
Total Live Stock 1997 497329
Veterinary Hospital 23
Live Stock Service Centre 18
Artificial Breeding Centre 40
Co-operative (2002-03)
Primary Co-operative Agriculture Loan Societies 64
Members of Societies 174000
No. of Running Factories Registered under the Industrial Act 1948 (1998-1999) 174
Small Scale Industries (2001-2002) 12810
Workers (2001-2002) 44302
Education (2001-02)
Junior Basic Schools 1694
Senior Basic Schools 305
Higher Secondary Schools 89
Degree Colleges 3
Industrial Training Institute 3
Polytechnic 1
Teachers Training Institute (DIET) 1
Public Health
Hospitals (2001-2002)
Allopathic 61
Ayurvedic 13
Homeopathic 10
Unani 6
Primary Health Centre 37
Family Welfare Centre 42
Family Wefare Sub-Centre 163
Special Hospitals
Tuberculosis 1
Leprosy 1
Transport (2000-01)
Length of Metal Road 1765 km
Total Length of Road constructed by PWD 1300 km
Electricity (2001-2002)
Total Electrified Villages 861
Total Electrified Towns/Cities 8
Electrified Scedule Cast localities 487
Area covered under water supply using taps/ handpumps of India Mark-2 (2002-03)
Village 1098
Towns/City 8
Entertainment (2002-03)
Cinema Halls 11
Total No. of seats in Halls 6912