Joke ( Government ) - Bill Clinton Decided To Teach Laloo English
 By : Sameena Arif , 26 Apr, 2006(views : 3879)Previous | Next
Bill Clinton decided to 'teach' Laloo English, so he invited him over to the US. Laloo arrives in full grandeur. Bill announces to the nation that they should not be disturbed during the tuition. Inside the White House, they are locked up in a room, and Bill starts teaching Laloo English. Days pass by and weeks pass by, but there is no sign of them coming out. The whole country and its economy have come to a standstill, and press, news reporters from all over the world are waiting outside eagerly to find the outcome. At last one day, the door opens, and out comes Laloo - beaming his resplendent white smile, looking cool and unruffled. However, Bill looks totally dazed, his clothes are torn, his hair is completely ruffled, and he has scratch marks all over his face. The shocked reporters ask Bill, "What happened Mr. Clinton?"

 Written By : Sameena Arif

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