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 By : Harish Yadav , 30 Oct, 2006(views : 5814)Previous | Next
Once when the Pope is visiting U.S.A, he suddenly feels like driving the car.
He says to his driver,"I would like to drive the car for today".
But the driver says,"You don't have a licence sir & You don't know how to drive".
Pope says,"You have to obey me or else you will have to go to prison".
The poor driver had to give the wheel to him. The pope drove like a manic since he didn't know how to drive a car. A Police Officer seeing this signaled to stop the car. Pope stoped the car after his driver told him that the Police Officer singnaled him to stop. When the Police Officer came to the driver's window, he stared at the Pope for a moment and looked at the passenger's seat and started staring at the driver. Then he took out his walkie-talkie and called the President and said,"Sir,We have a Very Important Person here.I don't know him but Pope is his driver."

 Written By : Harish Yadav

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