Wonder of sujok for spinal diseases

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In our modern life style of living most of the people are effected with spine related diseases. Everyone person is affected by his own life style. Computer, television, driving, wrong posture and sitting of hour together on chaits give us so many diseases.

At initial stage we don't care about these problems but after some time these problems become serious & just like giant. And person feels helpless. Under such situation no medical pathy help the patient and finally spine operation is recommended by the doctor. The main spinal problems are cervical and lumber spondilytis, lower back ache, slip disc, sciatica, and numbness in hands and feet, frozen shoulder, vertigo, joint problems and high blood pressure etc. if you ignore these diseases at the initial stage then it may be possible that person can get bed ridden after some time.If you have any symptoms of above diseases take it seriously.

The Sujok Therapy can provide you the best option to come out from these diseases without any medicine. The treatment is given through colours, magnet, acupuncture, seeds, massage and twist etc. maximum 10-12 sittings are required as per your disease. This clinic also arranges Sujok training programs, anyone person can learn this therapy in four days and become Sujok expert (in basic).

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