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Malignant tumor, including carcinoma and sarcoma. It arises from abnormal and uncontrolled division of cell that then invade and destroy the sorrounding tissues. Spread of cancer cells may occur via the blood stream or the lymphatic channels or across body cavities such as pleural and peritoneal spaces , thus setting up secondary tumors at sites distant from the original tumor. There are prrobably many causative factors , some of which are known :for example , cigrate smoking is associated with lung cancer , radiation with some bone sarcoma and leukemia. Cancer is a fictitious disease , has crippled the world to a large extent . There are so many factors that lead to the disease which no body can ignore or give up for the maintenance of life . Not only addiction but also food , occupational hazards , environmental polution,geographical features , which we can not avoid. some measures can be taken in selecting food ,avoidence of addiction in any form , to avoid unnatural or artificial beautification etc. However ,we are neither food supplier nor social reformer . What is in our handis to restore the sick to health by way of medicine. In female it is evident that breast cancer and uterine cancer is very much. In male prostatic Ca , Lung Ca , Colon Ca , are more. Management by our Homoeopathy Hospital:- We can help our patient to get relief by 90% even when the disease remains. Moreover , our medicine do not bears any adverse effect.

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