Treatment of CANCER

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A Statistics -shows,1 in 3 people is the rate of cancer in the world.The diseases is to be confirmed after biopsy of the part tested- whether benign or malignant.In most of the case cause factor remains unknown.
Kidney is one of the most vital organ to maintain human life and there are several function in it.Deviation of which may cause severe health disorder even death.
Excessive accumulation of cells to any particular spot may cause tumor which may be malignant or benign.whatever the cause we treat the patient as a whole will all necessary symptoms we individualize the patient and the most indicated medicine is given.If the sufferings is on the initial stage we can give very early relief the patient from his/her sufferings in a harmless way.
Other kidney diseases are also treated by us with similar sincere observation and medication such as - chronic renal failure , nephritis , atrophy of kidney.
In all the diseases we treat the patients with only symptomatic medicines are given.
Now a days Homeopathic system of treatment has become the second popular system of treatment in the world.
In a similar way we treat many other organic diseases by the way of medicine.
Only the obstinate surgical cases are referred t surgeon.
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