What is Cancer?

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Dr. Jawahar Ticku

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Posted On : Oct 13, 2011 (Views : 2984)

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What is Cancer?

Uncontrolled overgrowth of cells on any part of the body due to no definite known cause. This leads to the formation of a lump or swelling causing pressure symptoms on blood vessels, obstructing passages, eroding vital structures or organs of the body. Pressure effects cut the blood supply to the part involved causing its death leading to necrosis of tissues.

What are it's Symptoms?

Symptoms depend upon the part of the body involved. Warning signals are: Change in pattern of Voice Nagging cough with or without blood in the cough. A sore that does not heal. Unexplained fever of long duration with appreciable weight loss, night sweats, Difficulty in swallowing food and partially relieved by liquids Alternate diarrhea and constipation or change in the bowel habits. Unusual lump or swelling on any part of the body. Abrupt change in the size of mole or wart. Unusual bleeding from any site of the body. Promoting Factors No definite known factor. Undue exposure to chemicals, dyes, alcohol radiations, viral infections, obesity, smoking, genetic factors and many more factors. Prevention Living in healthy happy environment under hygienic conditions maintaining body oxygenated, cutting of excess calories, avoiding junk foods, use of high fibre foods, maintaining regular bowel habits and good hydration of the body.

Role of Yoga Yogic exercises increase the oxygenation of the body. Well oxygenated body keeps the cells of the body in healthy condition leading to the unnecessary ware and tear of the body. Treatment Methods of treatment have revolutionized but even in this century we measure the survival in months and weeks. Complete cure is remote particularly if the disease has been diagnosed at the advanced stages. Many cancer centers have come up with the latest gadgets and for the sake of revenue unrequited and unnecessary things are tried on patients who consent for these in the hope of getting better life and longevity. Highly expensive protocols of chemotherapy are being used with very less additional advantage to the patient except the physical and financial loss to him. This is being done on the behest of the companies who earn huge profits. Many new molecules are available in the market which are very expensive but without any promise. Our aim and objective To correctly guide the patient about the rational treatment for him which should also be cost effective We add life to the years of living rather than purposeless yrs. to his purposeless life with full of pain and sufferings.


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