Designer smile with orthodontic braces

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Dr. Sanjay Kalra

Posted By : Dr. Sanjay Kalra - BDS, MDS, PCAD, FPFA, FICD, FICCDE (USA)

Posted On : Feb 14, 2009 (Views : 6323)

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Everyone knows about Monalisa Smile but who knows what she meant by it Smile is a gesture of appeasement and it signals many different messages- recognition, apology, joy, delight, confusion and embarrassment. It is a mask behind which we can hide our true feelings.

First the corners of the lips curl upward. Then, as the smile grows, front teeth are exposed. In our culture we consider people with glistening white teeth and a beautiful smile to be "good" people. Bad teeth, on the other hand, tend to distort the smile "message" because, curiously, we subconsciously judge others by their teeth.

Some people believe that teeth are a more important element of beauty than the eyes. Have you noticed that, in the movies and on TV, the "good guys" never have broken teeth or a missing tooth? The "bad guys" almost always do.

Our Smile affects our appearance and our appearance affects our sense of personal worth. This is the most important reason for having orthodontic treatment in order to correct the irregular teeth. In addition you will have healthier teeth & gums & will be able to chew better. Also TMJ Disorders respond to orthodontic treatment by improving the bite as well as smile at the same time.

In the past braces meant a mouth full of shiny metal. When you think of braces today they are nothing but tiny brackets, space age wires and trendy rubber bands in a rainbow of colors .INVISIBLE ORTHODONTICS consist of clear brackets which do not break or turn yellow combined with tooth colored wires. The wires made of nickel and titanium move teeth quickly with less pain as they apply less force.

Regardless of age, every one can have orthodontic treatment if they have

Teeth .American Association of Orthodontics & Indian Orthodontic Society strongly recommended that the child be first seen by an orthodontist at age of 2-7.Taking the advantage of growth spurt from ages 7 to 12 can prevent possible loss of permanent teeth to straighten the smile after the age of 12.

The reasons for adult orthodontics are as diverse as they are for children and given the proper pressure, teeth can be moved at any age. Saving teeth and better chewing abilities are prime reasons for adult orthodontics. The two go hand in hand, because crooked teeth and bad bites are often forerunners of gum disease. The resulting change in facial appearance after treatment is a happy side effect in most instances. Striking personality changes have been noted in people undergoing treatment

Treatment techniques are usually the same in both adult and child orthodontics, however, light forces, rather than strong forces, are used to move the teeth. 

. Although adult orthodontics is a challenge yet surprises aren't there, such as the unpredictable jaw growth spurts found in children! Moreover Adults tend to be more enthusiastic and cooperative and far less likely to leave parts of their braces behind in restaurants!

Today, Invisalign® clear aligners  are a leading alternative to braces. Invisalign is a thin, clear, plastic, removable appliance that fits snuggly over the teeth. More and more adult patients -- high-profile people in the entertainment industry, in sales, in executive positions, or those who just want to go wireless are selecting Invisalign to help them create the smile of their dreams when they have minor tooth crowding or spaces to close.

An impression is taken of the upper and lower teeth, which is then sent to Invisalign. Using 3-D imaging technology, they fabricate a series of aligners that are used to straighten the crooked teeth or close spaces between them. A series of appointments are scheduled with the orthodontist to make sure the treatment is on course. Sometimes mid-course corrections are required. The patient uses the first appliance for two weeks and then puts in the second appliance and so forth.

There are several advantages to using Invisalign: fewer appointments; the aligner may be removed while eating; and one can eat hard and sticky foods. After eating, the teeth are brushed, flossed, rinsed with water and then the aligner is reinserted. The aligner is nearly invisible, so few will realize that you are having your teeth straightened. The aligner is worn 22-24 hours a day except when one eats,  brushes and flosses. Invisalign treatment usually takes 12 months

Thus orthodontists are not only scientists ,clinicians and artists but also image makers. So…….. Guys and Gals, this is your chance to set your smile straight and freeze new relations in the current global melt down.                    

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