How the face changes

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Dr. Sanjay Kalra

Posted By : Dr. Sanjay Kalra - BDS, MDS, PCAD, FPFA, FICD, FICCDE (USA)

Posted On : Oct 18, 2007 (Views : 4564)

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In your lifetime you have seen the faces of thousands of people and each face is recognizable to you as distinctively individual. Consider, relatively how few parts compose a face ? a lower jaw and a chin, cheek bones, a mouth and an upper jaw, a nose and two orbits. Add a forehead and supraorbital ridges for the neuroeranial parts of the face. Amazing how so few components underline such a great variation in the facial form! A very sight alteration in the configuration of any part can make a substantial difference in the appearance and character of one?s face as a whole.

?The human face? , a dynamic growing part of the human body, can have growth aberration because of heredity and environmental reasons. The cleft-clip-and-palate is one such common growth aberration and requires a comprehensive management protocol, based on the individual presentation.

In a team approach towards the management of the cleft-lip-and-palate patients, the team includes:

  • A plastic surgeon.

  • A dental specialist (paedodontist, orthodontist, prosthodontist).

  • Speech pathologist.

They have a true peer relationship with shared interaction aimed at achieving the optimul result for the patient.

The plastic surgeon is usually the first to be seen when a child is born with cleft deformity. He gives information about the morphology, tissue reaction, tolerance and the timing of the elective surgical procedures. He alleviates the parents fear about their child, reassuring them that their child would be a normal being. Although he may require a number of surgical procedure till he reaches adulthood. The number of survical procedure will vary depending on the child?s presentation. However, these procedures are well tolerated by them without any detrimental effect.

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