Computer Vision Syndrome

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Dr. Anand Shroff

Posted By : Dr. Anand Shroff - MS (OPHTH), FICS

Posted On : Oct 18, 2007 (Views : 3431)

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Many Hours at Your Computer Will Worsen Your Vision - - Unless You Know These Secrets

Computers are now a way of life, something that you cannot do without. As the number of people working on computers continues to grow each year, the number of people encountering temporary vision problems due to computer use also increases. Computers do not harm your eyes, but often cause temporary problems.

Human eyes were meant for hunting and farming and even I we have moved far ahead with technology, our bodies still have to catch up on the metamorphosis from far work to fixed close work. When you look in the distance, your eyes are relatively relaxed and at rest. But while doing near work, such as reading your computer screen, muscles in your eyes have to work harder to keep a clean near focus. These muscles get tired after extended use, resulting in eyestrain, neck pain, blurry near vision, headaches or difficulty changing focus. Dry eyes can also occur because we tend to blink less as we concentrate on our computer screen and keep our eyes wide open when working at the computer, resulting in drying up of the tear film.

Squinting while looking at a computer screen is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to dry eye. This is because squinting causes people to blink less often, and the less you blinked, the more you experience aches, burning and sensations of dryness, irritation and tearing in your eyes.

In fact, squinting even cuts your blink rates in half -- from 15 blinks a minute to 7.5 blinks a minute. Only four blinks per minute.

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