Dry Eye : Non Invasive Machine To Diagnose Dry Eyes

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Dr. Hanspal

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Posted On : Jan 25, 2009 (Views : 3039)

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When your eyes are red and scratchy, it could be, they’re dry. The right treatment is important.

While most dry eyes are not severe, some can be. Any eye irritation is a warning sign that something has changed in the normal functioning of your eye, and it needs proper attention. Not all eye drops are the same. Make sure you contact your ophthalmologist if discomfort persists.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a condition when your eyes either produce too few tears, or produce tears that are weak in the ingredients that lubricate and protect the surface of your eye.

Why are tears important?

Tears are one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms. They are produced by glands around the eye, and released to coat, protect and nourish the surface of the eye.

What cause dry eye?

Age: The most common reason for dry eye is aging because both the tear flow rate and effectiveness of your tear film decrease with age. By age 40, you have about half the tear production you had at age 10. Lastly, these days most common reason is Lasik or i lasik , refractive surgeries to remove glasses

Environment: Many factors in your surroundings can also lead to Dry Eye such as:        

1.Staring at computer terminals or television screens

2.Air conditioning or heat in homes and offices.

3.Air pollution.

4.Driving over long distances.

5.Extremes in humidity.

Contact lenses: Dry eye symptoms are experienced by many contact lens wearers around about 25-32%. This is mainly because soft contact lenses are “hydrophilic”, i.e. they attract fluids and float on top of the tear film. If not enough tear film is produced; irritation and redness may result from the contact lenses rubbing against the surface of the eyes.

Other factors: Certain medications taken for eye disorders or other conditions can cause Dry Eye if they affect the glands (lacrimation glands) around the eye.

Dry eyes often occur in patients suffering from arthritis. Dry eyes are common with women, especially during menopause or pregnancy.

Lastly, these days most common reason is Lasik or i lasik , refractive surgeries to remove glasses

What are typical symptoms?

Dry eye symptoms include one or more of the following :

  • Dryness Burning

  • Grittiness

  • Scratchiness

  • Watery Eyes Tiredness

  • Feeling of "something's in  eye"

  • Sensitivity to light.

Is there a cure for Dry Eyes?

If you are suffering from dry eyes or other eye discomforts, you should obtain a complete eye examination from your ophthalmologist. If left untreated Dry eye can lead to other more serious conditions including corneal ulcers, infections and conjunctivitis. There is no cure for this condition. If Dry Eye is cause by environmental or occupational factors, i.e. staring at computers computer vision syndrome or being exposed to hot air, you could help your Dry Eye condition by simply reducing or eliminating the cause. In most cases, i.e. age or disease related, the condition is chronic and must be constantly treated. It is therefore important in all cases to follow your practitioner’s recommendation.

How Do Tear Substitutes Help?

The first line of treatment and relief for Dry Eye is the use of Tear Substitutes solutions. These solutions supplement natural human tears and provide a substitute coating to protect and nourish the surface of the eye. Ointments are also effective, but are usually applied only at bedtime due to blurring of vision. Tear as frequently as needed.

Latest machine (NON INVASIVE) for DRY EYES [First time in Asia]

Special non-invasive diagnostic instrument available only at G.G.S.I.EYE RESEARCH & CURE CENTRE  which can detect the dry eyes in 5 secs which is never picked up other dry eye tests, it is very useful in early  treating & diagnosing dry eye.

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