Permanent Hair Reduction with ND-YAG Laser

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Dr. Parmjit Singh Walia

Posted By : Dr. Parmjit Singh Walia - MBBS, MD (DERMATOLOGY)

Posted On : Dec 15, 2010 (Views : 2914)

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1. What is the permanent hair reduction with laser and how does this works?

Permanent hair reduction with laser means selective destruction of thick dark black hair. Laser causes localized damage by selectively heating the black target hair root under the skin and sparing the rest of the skin. This is the reason for minimal side-effects of laser hair reduction

2. What are different kinds of laser for hair removal?

There are various kind of lasers for hair reduction like • Argon • Ruby • Alexandrite • Pulsed diode • Long pulse ND-Yag laser • Intense pulse light Laser

3. Which laser will be best suited for Indian skin?

ND-Yag laser is US-FDA approved for “Permanent hair reduction” and is the recommended laser for Indian/Asian skin by American academy of dermatologist.

4. What areas of the body can be treated with hair reduction laser?

All the areas of the body with visible dark thick black hair can be treated. Hair Removing Laser is more effective on light color skin with dark hair as compared to dark color skin with light hair. In women most commonly done areas are upper lip, chin, side-locks, underarms, bikini area, arms and legs. While in men cheeks, neck below beard, shoulder, back and chest are popular areas. Some patients with thick growth all over body prefer full body treatment packages. Eyebrows can be permanently given shape with this laser.

5. How many treatments are required and how will they be spaced?

As every person is different from the other, it depends entirely on an individual, but usually maximum results are realized in 4 to 8 sessions. They are usually spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart above the neck region and 8 to 9 weeks apart below the neck region.

6. How much time one sitting of laser hair removal takes?

It depends on the area to be treated, as for chin it usually takes 5 to 10 minutes whereas full body takes few hours.

7. Does laser for hair reduction hurts?

No, it is a painless treatment. We use world’s latest technology Cryo 6 which gives cold air on the treatment area during the procedure to completely reduce the discomfort.

8. Are there any side effects after treatment and how long will they last?

ND-Yag laser is US-FDA approved for hair reduction and is virtually free of serious side effects. There might be some degree of redness which usually disappears in few minutes. Very rarely there could be brownish mark which usually fades in few days.

9. What precautions should be taken before and after treatment?

Before starting laser hair reduction sessions patient should avoid waxing, threading, plucking for 3 weeks. After laser hair reduction sessions, it is preferable to apply sunscreen of SPF 30 and avoid direct sun exposure.

10. Is there any need of maintenance sittings?

The laser hair reduction once achieved is sustainable in most of the patients and durability depends on factors like hormonal derangements, family history and hair growth rates variability in patients. But it is advisable to always consider that maintenance sittings will be required.

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