Some practical tips for reducing weight

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Dr. (mrs) Umesh N. Jindal

Posted By : Dr. (mrs) Umesh N. Jindal - M.D

Posted On : Mar 16, 2009 (Views : 65535)

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Have you been trying to loose weight ?

Whenever I ask this question to any overweight person the answer isYes’ but it does not happen. Then I ask , Why it does not happen ?” Most of the times there is no definite answer. Only some excuses come. Let me take these common myths and excuses one by one.

I don’t eat much : Most of the overweight people would say this and are convinced that there is some underlying disease such as thyroid disorder, some medicine intake commonly hormons  (even iron tablets) which are responsible. To some extent genetic inheritance and body metabolism are responsible for excessive weight gain. However, God has given us one body and unfortunately we can’t change it whether we like it or not. There is practically no disease or medicine which increases weight. Even if there are some they cause only a marginal increase and again the methods to reduce weight remain same.

  • I avoid Fatty food : When asked most people would say.

  • I put oil in cooking instead of ghee. 

  • I avoid rice. 

  • I take juices.

The fact is almost every food we eat contributes some calories. We have to reduce the total calories and also the type of food from which we get calories. All types of fats (egg, oil, ghee, butter, malai) have the highest calories per gm i.e. 9 cal. So avoiding fats is most important.

Some items which we do not consider fatty and are quite commonly consumed are chips, bhujia, biscuits, mathi, namkeen, samosa, tikki, etc. Sweets of all types have very high amount of concentrated calories. Juices and cold drinks also have very concentrated calories and must be avoided. Alcohol and meat are other two very important contributing culprits.

I have a very busy work schedule : There fore can’t control my diet and also can’t do any exercise ?

Exactly the opposite reason given by some homemakers of two to four persons household not enough work. Both situations are just the same.

A very busy executive, computer engineer, salesperson, teacher, doctor and especially young students, social worker, everybody gets so much in the web of work that care of ones own self is ignored. There is a rat race to achieve targets, goals, marks that there is no time to take care of the body. With this type of lifestyle usually there is excess consumption of junk food and no physical exercise. 

I have lots of tensions : Yes, anxiety and depression do increase weight in many people. Some persons tend to eat more and reduce their physical activity and gain weight during a rough period. I can only say that there is nobody who does not have problems. All problems are as big as we perceive these. Do not increase in the world your problems by adding on weight as one of the problems.

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