Laproscopy?. Boon for gynae and infertility

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Dr. G. K. Bedi

Posted By : Dr. G. K. Bedi - M.B.B.S, M.D, D.G.O.

Posted On : Oct 18, 2007 (Views : 19874)

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Laproscopic Surgery has more or less replaced the conventional surgery. Since the advent of Laproscopic Surgery, we have been able to decrease the cost of treatment, shorten the hospital stay, minimize the surgical trauma; it has definitely helped in diagnosing and treating the most difficult Gynae and Infertility cases with ease and confidence.


1. IN Infertility 

  • To break the adhesions in and around the uterus and the tubes.

  • To remove Blockage of the fallopian tubes. These can be re-opened to a large extent by fine surgery using scissors, laser or cautery.

  • To check the patency of the Tubes. As the patient is fully relaxed due to anaesthesia the test is 100% accurate unlike the tube patency test done with the X- ray.

  • In cases of Unexplained Infertility, it enables us to study in detail, the reproductive organs and pick up some pathology or malpositioning of the tubes, ovaries, uterus or their congenital defects.



Until recently, whenever a hysterectomy was indicated the choice was between abdominal or vaginal operation. The first case of Laproscopic Hysterectomy was done in 1989, and since then this method is fast gaining more acceptance.

The ADVANTAGES of the Laproscopic method over the Abdominal method are ?

  1. Avoidance of a large painful skin incision

  2. Short stay

  3. Less hectic post operative period, tissue trauma, adhesions, blood loss and early mobilisation

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