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Dr. Sanand Thekkayil

Posted By : Dr. Sanand Thekkayil - BAMS, PGDHM

Posted On : May 02, 2012 (Views : 2343)

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Panchakarma Treatment

There are 2 main types of treatment of diseases, Shodhana (purification) and Shamana (by administering drugs directly). Panchakarma comes under Shodhana. Panchakarma are 5 purificatory measures:

1. Vamana (Emesis) - major purificatory process by which vitiated kapha is expelled from the body by vomiting. It is beneficial for bronchial asthma, cough and cold, chronic indigestion, lymphatic congestion and edema.

2. Virechana (Purgation) - process by which vitiated pitha dosha is eliminated from the body through anus, assisted by Snehana-Svedhana karmas. It is effective in the treatment of skin diseases (eczema, allergy' psoriasis), constipation, hemiplegia, ascitis and skin allergies.

3. Nasya karma (Errhine Therapy) - purificatory method in which medicinal oil, powder or juice is instilled into nostrils to relieve the vitiated doshas. It is very effective in recurrent cold, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, facial paralysis, ENT disorders, cervical spondylosis, and epilepsy and stammering.

4. Niruha and Anuvarsana (Medicated enema) - purificatory method for vitiated vata dosha in which medicinal liquid is inserted into the body of the patient. It is effective in the cure of arthritis, Parkinsonism, convolutions and sterility.

5. Raktamoksha (Detoxification Therapy) - purificatory method in which a small amount of blood is taken from a vein to relieve the vitiated doshas. It is used in the treatment of skin diseases, hypertension and other blood disorders. Our panchakarma treatment mainly focus on the 2 purvakarmas or the procedures before the Shodhana karma, which include SNEHANA (Oleation therapy) and SVEDANA (sudation therapy) SNEHANA (Oleation Therapy) Internal or external use of fat(sneha) to cause fluidity, softness and moisture before conducting Vamana(emesis) and Virechana(purgation) to loosen the doshas adhered to the tissues is called Snehana.

External application of oil in a methodical way is called massage. It gives good strength to the body, enhances age, luster of skin, improves eye-sight, induces good sleep and relieves vatha aggravation. Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Akashi Tarpana, Karna purana, etc are the different snehana procedures. It is beneficial in rigidity, pain, paralysis, head-ache, nervous system diseases, joint diseases, sleeplessness, mental disorders, etc.

SVEDANA (Sudation Therapy) It is a process of treatment by which perspiration of the body is caused to cure stiffness, heaviness and coldness in the body. Patrapinda Sveda, Bashpa Sveda, Shastikshalipinda Sveda, Kativasti, Snehadhara Sveda, Avagaha Sveda, etc are beneficial in arthritis, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, ankylosing spondylosis, obesity, etc.

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