Can Plastic Surgery Change One

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Dr. Priti Shukla

Posted By : Dr. Priti Shukla - MBBS, MS, MCh, fellowship in cosmetic surgery USA

Posted On : Oct 19, 2007 (Views : 4789)

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You see it all the time in soaps and cinema. There you see someone who is changed completely, so much so that they live with their friends without being identified. You also hear of international criminals taking another identity reportedly with the help of plastic surgery in some unknown faraway countries. And do you believe this is possible?

Let us examine the facts one by one. Face is the most identifiable part of a person. What can plastic surgery do for the face? Plastic surgery is commonly performed to improve one's features. Take the case of nose. Plastic surgery can turn a flat nose into a prominent one, a thick nose into a slender and shapely one, a very big nose into smaller one. This is done through concealed scars and no one can make it out. Some people have excessively large or small chin. With plastic surgery bone can be shaped and new bone or an implant can be added to give a pleasing look.

People who have flat cheeks can get cheek implants done for better definition of face. Sunken cheeks can be made chubby by injecting fat into them which is sucked out from another part of [person's body with a syringe. If the cheeks are too chubby they can be reduced in size by removing a little fat through a cut inside the mouth. If the lips are too thick they can be reduced in size by cutting out a thin strip and if the lips are too thin they can be made thicker with certain filler injections or by filling them with one's own tissue by surgery. In older individuals facelift surgery can remove loose skin and make one look 10 years younger. In middle aged people filler and fat injections can smoothen the face and botox injections can remove the wrinkles, making one look younger.

The acne or pock marks on the face can be smoothened by dermabrasion surgery. Scars on the face can be removed or improved by plastic surgery. If the ears are shapeless or too big they can be fixed. Double chin can be corrected by sucking out fat. Bald head can grow hair with plastic surgery.

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