Cosmetic Laser Surgery

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Dr. Priti Shukla

Posted By : Dr. Priti Shukla - M.B.B.S

Posted On : May 02, 2012 (Views : 1999)

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An offshoot of Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery has since its inception in Hyderabad grown over the years and has today become incredibly popular. Cosmetic Laser technology is being used for an increasing number of cosmetic treatments ranging from Facelift to Hair Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Skin resurfacing for wrinkle reduction and/or treatment of acne scars, Nose Jobs, Removal of pigmented blemishes like age spots and moles, Tummy Tucks, Removal of Tattoos, etc. 

The major factor behind the immense popularity of cosmetic laser surgery is the inherent craze among people to keep looking young for years to come and maintain their confidence levels. People’s reasoning is that Cosmetic Laser Surgery helps them to look better and younger giving them the much needed boost in confidence levels.

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) generates an intense beam of light of a particular length that is dispersed over the affected part. When it touches the skin, it gets absorbed by the water in naturally occurring pigments like melanin and hemoglobin. The intensity of the light from the laser causes precise tissue destruction of the lesion in the light path. The precision is so accurate that the skin tissues in the surrounding areas are left untouched. Cosmetic Laser Surgery is quick, simple and provides great results. With cosmetic lasers, safety features and safeguards are built in, helping procedures at each stage of treatment. All of these have made it much popular among both cosmetic surgeons and patients.

Hyderabad has emerged as a top class medical tourist destination in recent years. Cosmetic Laser Surgery is one of the most sought after ones with several respectable Cosmetic Surgery Clinics around. Among them, Ambrosia Clinic is one of the most popular ones. If you are looking to give your skin its youthful look back with cosmetic laser surgery, then Ambrosia Clinic is an ideal choice. With its advanced state of the art infrastructure, pool of skilled surgeons and excellent after treatment care and a track record of near 100% success ratio, Ambrosia Clinic is just the perfect place to head to. Not only are you assured of a successful surgery with the latest medical technologies, but also excellent post operative care. No wonder, every year Ambrosia Clinic attracts people from not only various parts of India, but also receives NRIs and foreigners.

Ambrosia Clinic’s proficiency in Cosmetic Laser Surgery has enabled scores of people acquire a more youthful look, get rid of unwanted blemishes and get back their self-confidence. Working professionals treated at Ambrosia Clinic have acquired a more competitive edge at their workplaces.

There are so many cosmetic laser treatments available today in Hyderabad for the discerning customer who wants to improve their facial features. Whether you are looking to restore the looks of your skin or eyes, Cosmetic Laser Surgery offers you ample choices and Hyderabad has ample number of world class cosmetic laser surgery centres to cater to your specific requirement. One among them is Ambrosia Clinic. Good luck!

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