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Dr. Priti Shukla

Posted By : Dr. Priti Shukla - MBBS, MS, MCh, fellowship in cosmetic surgery USA

Posted On : Oct 19, 2007 (Views : 12151)

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Everyone desires clear and unblemished skin. These days markets are studded with creams claiming to remove all scars and marks, and making the skin fairer. But do these really work. May be not, but what can the person distressed by facial marks do? Even a thin ray of hope is enough for him. Even the beautiful moon has marks. Marks can be due to any reason and affest any body. Irrespective of the cause of the mark and its size , effect is distress worry and depression. Some people even fear to look into the mirror  due to facial marks. Young people with facial marks can go into depression and lag behind in studies, career and social life. A mere mark on the face can have a deep impact on the mind.

Plastic surgery is the best way of dealing with the scars. Different types of treatments and surgeries are available to improve all of the following types of marks and scars:

  1. BIRTH MARKS: Some children are born with black , blue or pink marks. They can be small or very large. They sometimes become smaller with age but at times grow larger and can bleed or become cancerous. Depending on the type of mark they can be allowed to reduce on their own, or removed by surgery or laser.

  2. MARKS DUE TO INJURY: Any injury can leave a mark. With natural healing mark can lighten with time but often it does not. How the scar behaves depends on skin type and family tendency. Sometimes scar grows very big and becomes red and itchy. It is then called the keloid scar. Such a scar can also be improved even though it is a difficult problem.

  3. BURN SCARS: Scars commonly form after the burn heals. These scars are often extensive and very disfiguring. White patches also can occur .If  Burnt skin is treated by plastic surgeon  with latest type of dressings and healing agents, the chances of scar formation can be minimized. Once the scars have formed hundred percent cure is not possible . The scars can still be improved by methods like grafting and compression garment.

  4. ACNE MARKS: Pimple marks are very common. They can be black spots, uneven skin or deep holes. Depending on the type and severity of scars, different metods of treatment like chemical peeling and dermabrasion are used. It is important to take correct treatment of pimples to prevent the formation of new scars.

  5. WHITE PATCHES( VITILIGO): White patches can be treated by medicines or surgery. Normal coloured skin can be grafted on white patch .

  6. OPERATION MARKS: Sometimes accidental cuts are stitched by inexperienced people and ugly scar forms. Plastic surgeons use fine stitches which dissolve and also special techniques to stitch the cut, so after healing there is a fine line like mark which becomes inconspicuous after a few months . Some people have tendency to form bad scars. Such scars an also be improved by plastic surgery.

  7. TATTOO: tattoos are made traditionally in villages and fashionably in cities. Some people tattoo the name of their loved one on their body. Very commonly people want the tattoos removed and it can be easily done by plastic surgery.

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