Eyebrow Hair transplant

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Dr. Amit Gupta

Posted By : Dr. Amit Gupta - DNB Plastic Surgery, Fellowship in Brazil,Europe

Posted On : Aug 15, 2009 (Views : 3555)

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With the successful advent of microfollicular hair transplant, more and more surgeons are realising the expanding fields of hair transplant. an important group is patients who are looking for eyebrow widening or shaping, or hiding of scars in the eyebrow. now it is possible to do a microfollicular hair transplant for the eyebrow and get superioir results since these hair are permanent


The procedure remains like a hair transplant done for the scalp. A thin strip of hair is taken from the back of the head, and then each single folicular unit is separated. In the eyebrows, there is a great role of markings, since the procedure is being done solely asper the wishes of the patient. Thus the patient is given a pen and he  marks the areas to be transplanted, in front of the mirrror these are then marked with surgical ink. once the requitred number of hair follicles are obtained ( usually between 300-400), they are then implanted one by one with the special DRAG knife. Once the hair strip is taken from the back of the head, there is a small scar, which is easily hidden between hair. It is now possible to perform the hair transplant using the follicular unit extraction method. This technique is said tyo leave fewer scars, however there are a number of small dot like scars all over the head, instead of the fine line that follows the strip method. So in practical terms, the superiority of FUE over the strip method is arguable


hair growth will take about 4-5 months to start appearing after it goes through the telogen and catagen phase. There is a need to clip the transplanted hair once in about 1 month,since their growth is much more than normal eyebrow hair. A lot of care is taken to ensure normal directional growth of hair in this region.

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