Rhinoplasty or Nose shaping

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Dr. Malla. C. N

Posted By : Dr. Malla. C. N - M.B.B.S., M.S, FICS(USA), MISAPRS (FRANCE)

Posted On : Oct 19, 2007 (Views : 7877)

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Nose is a prominent feature on the face & a mark of ones personality. In ancient times it was considered to be sign of person's character. A well-balanced nose makes the face look beautiful. Nose can have many problems like Hump nose, Saddle like depression of bridge of nose, deviated or crooked nose, long or short nose, broad nose with bulbous/upturned/depressed tip. The aim of surgery is to create a well- balanced nose in conformity with the surrounding face. Procedure is done under local or general anesthesia. Patient is hospitalized for forty-eight hours. Incisions and sutures are placed inside the nostrils, to be removed after one week after removal of small plaster patch over the nose, swelling or bruising may occur on the face and disappears within three weeks. Patient should avoid touching the nose. Results or improvement depends upon original shape, skin condition, amount of underlying fat shape of cartilages & septum of nose. Most of the patients feel elated after improved shape of their nose.

In Baggy or double eye lids extra fat & skin are removed. Underlying lax muscles are tightened. Elevation of wrinkled forehead and  dropping eyebrows are lifted to convert gloomy aged look into a surprise look of youth. Wrinkles at the corners of eyes, at angles of mouth - Laugh Lines, loose skin below Jaws - JOWLS can be removed. Similarly Moles, Scars, white patches can be surgically removed. Deformities of Jaws, Chin, Ear Lobes can be corrected. Sagging OR enlarged BREASTS can be corrected. BIRTH DEFECTS, post accident defects or INDUSTRIAL HAND injuries - Thrasher-Fodder cutter injuries can be treated by Plastic Surgery.

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