DNA Paternity Testing In India to help families for Peace of Mind

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Most Trusted Peace of Mind DNA Paternity Test: Hassle Free, Affordable & Fully Confidential in India

Jan 29, 2010 – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ( DNA Test India) –OTS & Services in collaboration with Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, most trusted source of DNA Paternity Testing services in Asia and Middle East has gained confidence among the people because of their prompt services.

DNA Test India has sample collection centres within India and US, Trinidad & Tobago and Middle East. Now we are aiming to setup counselling services to families through out India in their collection centres. According to Ms. Ritu, a Paternity Consultant, “Counselling service is very important for such relationship test, it can change whole family’s future. As a responsible company for our society, we always offer accurate and desired test to families to clear their doubt and now look forward to start counsel them for pre-test & post-test, if asked.  We have already stopped every prenatal enquiry”

Paternity Test in India getting popular to clear their doubt.  Many families has been benefitted with the test for various purpose viz. property issues, peace of mind and even in Hospital swapping cases. In few cases where people were not able to make any payment, after giving enough proof, they were not charged. An anonymous person said “with the kind of services, I can live my life with peace and thanks to OTS & Services for helping me to get this test done because my financial condition don’t allow to afford it” In many cases before going to court, people wants to make sure about what they are claiming and go for anonymous testing which can be done without involving mother.

DNA Test India is aiming to have test centre network in every city where people can walk in and submit their sample without any hassle. To maintain the confidentiality, obtaining FREE DNA Sample collection kits by post is always preferred method.

About Us:

DNA Test India launched by OTS & Services in association with Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, UAE. We believe in offering Accurate, Affortable, Reliable and highly Confidential DNA tests including DNA Paternity Testing to general public. FREE Sample collection can be obtained by sending simple email to www.dnatestindia.com, www.paternityestindia.com.

Ms. Ritu

Mobile: 9963629998

Tel: 040-23801426

Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh


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