Can skin color be changed?

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Can skin color be changed?

What causes skin color to be fair/ dark?

The color of the skin is determined by a skin coloring pigment called “melanin” which lies in lowermost layer of the superficial skin. The amount of melanin in this layer makes a person either fair colored or dark colored. The more the melanin, the darker the color.

Is it possible to change the skin color?

NO….nothing can change the skin color as we cannot change the amount of melanin inherited by an individual. But we can lighten the skin color, make it look more even, reduces brown spots and blemishes. A dark skin cannot become fair by use of so many inappropriately advertised over the counter fair skin colored creams sold in market by different catchy names by many local/ reputed companies which claim a person can become fair in 7-14 days or in a month. Its totally false.

Why change the color?

In India “Fair is beautiful”  is conditioned so deep in mind of people that many youngsters especially girls have a desire to be fair.

Fair looks good to all but fair is beautiful is not true. Dark/ or wheatish complexioned girls are also beautiful as beauty is not just the skin color but the skin type, facial features, ones attitude and the complete personality of a person. Craving for fairness is just an obsession, nothing else. So there is no need to change the color. Of course, you can beautify your skin by a dermatologist prescribed skin lightening cream which removes patchiness of your skin color and makes your skin color uniform and flawless which is actually beautiful.

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