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Dr. Ashima Goel

Posted By : Dr. Ashima Goel - MD DERMATOLOGY

Posted On : Mar 29, 2013 (Views : 1788)

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LASER HAIR REDUCTION (FACT) / REMOVAL (MYTH) --- WHICH LASER TO BE TREATED WITH ? Full body hair reduction is the trend now- a- days. Laser is the only hair removal treatment for large area hair reduction as it reduces the hair density leading to 80 to 90% hair reduction to 8 sittings. A session takes around 15 minutes to few hours depending on the area. There is only mild sensation in Laser hair removal. It does not lead to stubble, undergrowth or pigmentation either.


1. Nd YAG laser is considered the safest and the most effective for hair reduction on Indian skin. It is a specific laser with a longer wavelength (as compared to DIODE laser) that releases most of the energy at the root of the hair. It has very less absorption on skin surface making this laser safe and effective.

2. DIODE LASER Diode is a specific short wavelength laser that has very high degree of absorption by dark pigment in the skin and the hair- melanin. It is good for hair reduction purpose as the hair root gets burnt on absorption. It works well on fair skin due to lesser melanin content. It is not advisable for darker Indian skin as the shorter wavelength is absorbed by the darker skin too causing burns; this later turns into post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

3. In-MOTION DIODE In-MOTION DIODE (continuous motion) is an effort to overcome the burns caused by Diode laser in darker skin type. The laser intensity is reduced significantly to reduce the chances of burns. BUT this reduces the effectiveness of laser hair reduction; significantly increasing the number of sessions required and thereby the cost and the time required to acquire 80% reduction.

4. IPL(Intense Pulse Light) It is very effective in reduction of fine black/ brown hairs. It emits wide wavelength spectrum so there are chances of complications like burns etc.

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