Non Invasive Liposuction and Skin tightening

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Dr. Ashima Goel

Posted By : Dr. Ashima Goel - MD DERMATOLOGY

Posted On : Mar 02, 2011 (Views : 3019)

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Through the low frequency vibration of ion, cavitation reaches the ideal effect for cellulite reduction. The vibration of ion wave would produce a strong power through positive and negative alternation which brings different pressures to the cell membranes internally and externally . When cell membrane can’t endure the pressure, it will explode , break into liquid and get out of human body by metabolism. The quantity of fat is reduced. The ideal effects for cellulite reduction will be achieved and the fat metabolism will be improved.


Positioned tissues are heated to promote blood circulation and tighten the collgen in dermis. At the same time, the cooling measures are taken on the surface. Most of the RF energy enter into the deep dermal layer so that deeper layers of skin become thickened and the wrinkles are shallow or disappear, so the skin becomes firmer and contour are lifted. It is ideal

for :-

  • Pore contraction

  • Improve tear trough

  • Contract double chin

  • Tightens skin (whole body) lift contour

  • Improves dull skin tone

  • Increases skin elasticity (reduces sagging skin on any body part including face)

Both above treatments are without any side effects.

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