Psoriasis & Ayurveda

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Dr. Amit Dutta

Posted By : Dr. Amit Dutta - B.A.M.S. , M.D.

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Ayurveda & Psoriasis

Considered one of the oldest healing sciences, Ayurveda is a holistic system of dietary guidelines, herbal remedies and lifestyle habits intended to treat and prevent disease by promoting proper energy balance in the body. Ayurvedic philosophy teaches that psoriasis and other skin conditions are caused by energy imbalances, which can be remedied with detoxification therapy and herbal remedies.

Ayurveda, a holistic system of medicine developed in India more than 5,000 years ago, offers a comprehensive approach to treating psoriasis through diet and lifestyle, herbal formulas, and cleansing protocols.

According to Ayurveda Psoriasis is the complex of All Skin Diseases, and it is due to impurified Doshas Specially Pitta and Kapha are the responsible for this disease. The Impure Doshas (Toxins,Aam) impurifies the Blood which results in Such Skin Diseases.

This condition is neither infectious nor does it affect the general health.

It affects both the genders and may start at any age.

Psoriasis is quite common, affecting around two per cent of the population, although people with very mild symptoms may not be aware they have it. Psoriasis can begin at any age but usually starts either around the age of 20 or between 50 and 60.

Vitiation of Dosha in Psoriasis 

Psoriasis is caused by vitiation of Vata and Kapha dosha. The vitiated doshas affect the skin and blood tissues. They also influence water element of the affected region on skin. Thus the skin which is influenced by affected doshas becomes discolored (white or copper colored), scaly and thin.

with new mature skin cells. But the regions of skin affected by psoriasis the skin replace itself within 3-4 days with plenty of immature skin cells forming thick psoriatic patches.

According to ayurveda principles the vitiated vata dries the water element of skin and also initiate rapid growth of skin tissue. The vitiated Kapha dosha causes itching on the affected skin. The blood which is affected by vata and kapha adversely influences healing process

Causes of vitiation of Doshas

1. Consuming opposite foods.

2. Controlling natural urges.

3. Exposure to severe climatic conditions

4. Consuming food that is too salty, too sour and/or too heavy for digestion.

5. Sleeping during the afternoon.

6. Taking bath in cold water immediately after physical exertion.

7. Mental stress.

Successful Treatment Of Psoriasis In Ayurveda At :: AYUR SUDHA :: Super Speciality Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre


Pancha Karma - Detoxification The most effective treatment for psoriasis is pancha karma, a process of cleansing and rejuvenating the body through five actions -- pancha equals five, karma equals action. This is a protocol unique to ayurveda and should not be undertaken without the supervision of a qualified ayurvedic practitioner. Pancha karma can be administered from five days to several weeks, depending on your condition. It is believed to be effective because it reverses the disease process and restores your body to balance.

1. Detoxification

The Impure Doshas Form The Body By The Unique Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment


Vamana (Drug Induced Vomiting)

Virechana (Drug Induced Purgation) with this Panchakarma Treatment.

The Impurified Doshas Flush out from the Body.

2. Immunomodulators:

The reason for Psoriasis is also Immunodeficiency, so In Ayurveda we are Offering Immunomodulator Herbs to Enhance The Immunity to conqure Psoriasis Successfully,

3. External Applications

Herbal Creams , Herbal Shampoos , Herbal Oils are used for the local application

to skin & its relieves the symptoms .

4. Takradhara

Pouring of medicated butter Milk on forehead is also very effective in the cases of Psoriasis to manage the stress factor & releasing the positive energy to the body

5. Oral herbs

Mixture of the herbs as a Body Mask is also effective to relieve externally.

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