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Dr. (mrs) Umesh N. Jindal

Posted By : Dr. (mrs) Umesh N. Jindal - M.D

Posted On : Oct 19, 2007 (Views : 6800)

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Women's Health

Educate a woman, educate a family. Similarly, we doctors believe- Health educate a woman, ensure healthy family. With this objective in mind I have initiated a weekly feature today. The feature will include wide ranging topics on various issues concerning women of all ages. This will make them aware of their own self, as well as help in improving the health of other members of the family. We start today with the beginning of womanhood, i. e. the adolescence.

Adolescent Health

A woman?s body undergoes many major changes during her lifetime. With the onset of menstruation (menarche) a young carefree child transforms almost suddenly into a young adult. The average age of menarche is now between 11 to 13 years (Normal range may vary from 8 to 16 years). Other body changes which are not so dramatic include gain in height, breast development and growth of adult type of genital hair. These start around the age of 8years and continue for 5-6years. With these body changes the brain also matures and an adult type of thinking pattern develops. The maturation of menstrual cycle also occurs simultaneously. This period of transition, known as puberty, is a long process and is completed by the age of 18 years.

During this adolescent or pubertal phase, a girl is faced with many problems. Pain during menstruation, menstrual irregularity, increased vaginal discharge etc can cause considerable trouble and are worrisome for the adolescent. Other concerns may be related to body image. These include shape, size and symmetry of breasts and genitalia, unwanted hair growth, pimples, skin color & texture etc.  Sudden and apparently strange behavioral changes are expected. An obedient, calm and stable child may suddenly become rebellious and emotional .Increasing peer pressure, coupled with the desire for independence alienates the youngsters from parents and family.

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