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Medical Guide - Contraception

This section provides information on Contraception/Birth Control, Birth Control Methods, Male Contraception, Emergency Contraception, Advances in Contraception, Misconceptions about Contraception and Birth Control Education. This will help you to make a decision on the method of contraception/birth control which is most suited to you. It shows all the available methods i.e. traditional and modern birth control methods and explains how they work, how reliable they are and their main advantages and disadvantages. It also provides information on Emergency Contraception, or Emergency Birth Control which is used to help keep a woman from getting pregnant after she has had unprotected sex. All the information about Emergency Contraception can be found in this section Like Emergency Contraceptive Pills, Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs) etc. With the advancement in technology there are more advancement has been done in contraception or birth control methods by expert doctors/surgeons etc. Birth Control Education is necessary for parents to be taught to their children this will help in creating awareness about sex and related problems and the children should also given information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

»  Introduction of Contraception
»  Male Contraception
»  Advances in Contraception
»  Misconceptions of Contraception
»  Birth Control Education

Emergency Contraception

»  What is an Emergency Contraception?
»  Emergency Contraceptive Pills
»  Intra Uterine Device

Traditional Birth Control Methods

»  Celibacy or Sexual Abstinence
»  Outer Course
»  Withdrawl or Coitus Interruptus

Modern Birth Control Methods

»  Cervicle Cap
»  Contraceptive Patch
»  Contraceptive Sponge
»  Diaphragm
»  Female Condom
»  Implants
»  Male Condoms
»  Spermicidal
»  The Vaginal Ring
»  Injectable Contraceptive / The Shot
»  Tubal Ligation for women

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