The Fluoride mineral is one of the families of trace minerals and is one mineral that is surrounded by controversy. Although the fluoride mineral is not considered as essential, it certainly plays a significant role in keeping teeth and bones healthy and strong.


It helps in the fight against tooth decay. Teeth need a way to fight tooth decay and fluoride is the best weapon. It's believed that this function plays a big role in protecting a person against the onset of osteoporosis.

Deficiency Diseases:

Cavities and Weakened tooth enamel

Overdose Disease: Dental fluorosis

Deficiency Symptoms:
  • Appearance of dental carries, better known as cavities
  • Weakened tooth enamel
  • Brittle bones
Rich Sources:

Fluoride sources are not at all common and the fluoride mineral is not found in many of the foods that we eat. That is why it has been added to toothpaste and some drinking water supplies. Canned fish, including their edible bones, such as salmon is also a good source of the fluoride mineral.

Important for:
  • Preventing dental caries
  • Preventing osteoporosis
Best Suitable Composition:

The main composition of fluoride is water

Recommended Daily Intake:
  • Men & Women: 1 mg