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Dr. Ramanjit Singh Paik

Posted By : Dr. Ramanjit Singh Paik - MBBS (CMC), MD (Medicine, PGI)

Posted On : Feb 19, 2007 (Views : 861)

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Is arthritis curable?


In many cases arthritis is curable depending upon the cause and the stage. Some types of arthritis may not be totally curable but are certainly controllable. So, treatment must be instituted. After all diabetes and hypertension are also incurable, yet people take treatment for these diseases with a view to control them. So, why neglect arthritis? At an early stage, most types of arthritis are easily controllable perhaps even curable. At a later stage, the treatment generally is prolonged from weeks to months, at times a couple of years. But even this helps a lot in preventing the patient from becoming crippled.

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