Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin that protects cells from oxidative damage. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen (for wound healing), hormones and neurotransmitters; it may have a role in fighting infection.

Solubility: Water


Helps heal wounds, scar tissue and fractures, Essential for healthy bones, teeth and gums, Builds resistance to infection, Prevents scurvy, Gives strength to blood vessels, Aids in absorption of iron, Is essential for the synthesis of collagen

Rich Sources:

Citrus Fruits, Tomatoes, Melons, Berries, Green & Red Peppers, Broccoli

rich sources of vitamin c

Deficiency Disease: Scurvy

Overdose Disease: Refer to Vitamin C megadosage

Deficiency Symptoms:

Prolonged healing of wounds, Easy bruising, Frequent infections, Prolonged colds, Scurvy: weak muscles, fatigue, loss of teeth, bleeding gums, depression, bleeding beneath the skin, Swollen or painful joints, Nosebleeds, Anemia: tired, paleness

Deficiency Occurs in:
  1. Smokers
  2. Women with Preeclampsia, who have lower blood levels
  3. People with kidney failure
Recommended Daily Intakes:
  1. Age over 55: Intake of specific vitamins may decrease as you age
  2. Pregnancy: Do not take doses greater than RDA. Megadoses during pregnancy may result in deficiency symptoms after birth.