Vitamin P (Bioflavonoids, Phytochemicals)

A water-soluble vitamin, found as a crystalline substance especially in citrus juices that functions as a bioflavonoid in promoting capillary resistance to hemorrhaging.

Solubility : Water

Functionality :

It enhances the use of vitamin C by improving absorption and protecting it from oxidation. Promotes blood vessel health, including improving capillary strength, Prevents accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque, May prevent hemorrhoids, miscarriages, capillary fragility, nosebleed, retinal bleeding in people with diabetes and hypertension

Rich Sources :

Great sources of this vitamin are found in the edible pulp of fruits, green pepper, broccoli, and red wine.

Rich Sources of Vitamin P

Deficiency Disease :

If a diet contains enough fruit and vegetables, bioflavonoids should not be deficient, but deficiency would show up as bruising.

Overdose Disease : Over dosages of bioflavonoids may cause diarrhea.

Deficiency Symptoms : No reports exist of this deficiency.

Deficiency Occurs in : Deficiencies have not been reported

Recommended Daily Intakes : There are no daily recommended allowances for this vitamin.